Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A fantastic weekend

I know this is coming to you Tuesday, but that's because we celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day yesterday meaning I got a three day weekend! And, even better, the MIL watched Maze ALL DAY Monday so I could get some sewing in!! So anyway, here's how it went.


First, I did a little shopping. :) I hit up SAS, the bolt end store out here and I pretty much picked it clean! Then, when I got home, I found lots of packages waiting for me! I made something fun from that Cloud 9 arrow fabric, but I'll show you that tomorrow so I have time to take a couple decent pictures.

Centerpiece closeCenterpiece flowers

Helped my bestie make the centerpieces for her wedding. There are still more to do, but we ran out of materials so we're going to finish another day. I also hung all the bunting decorations around the house for her Bridal Shower on Saturday. I'm so excited for it to just be here already!!


Then I got an itch for some new earrings, so I made some. The second pair are for Kina since she let me take a break from centerpieces to make them even though we were up to our necks in burlap!

How I stay organized

I figured I ought to get SOME sewing in so I don't fall too far behind. (Let's see if Laura's paying attention, shall we?)


This baby is going to Miss Jamie at Busy Bee Quilts for the Beejeebers Bee. She asked for wonky trees, houses, or log cabin blocks and since EVERYONE else seemed to be making the trees and houses, I chose the log cabin route. I like to be different, in case you couldn't tell.


And I finished up these babies for Sew. Happy. Geek.'s Sew. Happy. Quilt. QAL. Catastrophe struck as I was working on the pinwheel. My machine broke!!! It started to make "KUNK! KUNK! KUNK!" noises and it scared me... a lot. I almost cried. Ok. Not because I was scared, but I did almost cry! The pinwheel is off a bit, but she (Vera. Vera the Viking) made it through until it was complete. I took her in today to be looked at by the nice Husquarvarna doctor, Clarrisa, and she's home now resting mostly. I may have made something else on her anyway... I have to give it a few more days and see if the machine keeps making those terrible, dying noises, and if it does, I will have to send it in to be serviced meaning no sewing machine for a minimum of 5 weeks!!!! I don't know what I am going to do without a machine for 5 weeks, so I'm just praying she was just on her period or something and things are going to be fine now! Temperamental, that one is.

So that was my weekend, aside from the thing I am going to share with you tomorrow, of course. Oh yeah. And I finished the second Psych book. On to book three!

How was your weekend?



  1. I love the new fabric especially the typewriters!
    The flower arrangements are beautiful too!
    And lastly...I hope your machine isn't gone for 5 weeks! Really, that long?

    1. Yeah... apparently they're behind. There is a chance they will be able to give me a loaner, but we'll cross that bridge when (if) we get there.

  2. These look fantastic! I love colourful things!


  3. Love the wonky block! Sorry to hear about Vera - I hope that she feels better and sews well for you! It would be terrible to be without a machine for 5 weeks!!!

  4. great photos! you are making some super cute stuff!


  5. Oh My! What a fabric haul!!! I'm green with envy :D
    I may have to adopt your block storage idea, it would be nice to be able to see any progress I make...That would mean I have to make some progress though!

  6. Do you know what that Kokka fabric is top left? It looks devine! You've got a nice haul here.

    1. Sure! It's Echino Woodlands Natural Black Tree. I know there are still shops that sell it!


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