About Me

Hello lovelies!

My name is Danny and I am a new mommy. I started this blog to document my plunge into mommy-dom and all the fun shenanigans that go with being a parent. I married the cute guitar-playing boy with the blue, plaid shirt in 2006. He puts up with me and my 10 billion different crafts, even when they are strewn about the house. He’s my bestest friend, my sugar daddy, and my partner in crime. We call the Arizona desert home. I’ve never lived anywhere else and never want to. I write about what I love: Clara, books, food, crafts, and quilts.

Here are a few things you may not know about me:

I’m a burrito-aholic.
I fight tooth-and-nail against my Type A personality.
I like to do yoga.
I can play the Rock Band drums on expert.
I have two dogs, Bella and Rory.
I drink too much tea.
I think I may have written jingles in a past life.
I love to sew.
I own more coloring books now than I did as a child.
I have a degree in history.
I love the boho look, but I’m usually caught in jeans and a tee.
I’m a geocaching nut.
I enjoy meeting new people.
I people watch and make up back stories for them.
I’m terrified of sharks on land, air, or sea.
I watch too much TV.

Feel free to poke around and if you like what you see, please follow me! I love new followers. And if you just want to chat, or you have a question, email me at danny.heyen@gmail.com.

For information about the sewing machines I use, click here.

Now, I have a disclaimer. In general, I am more than happy to share my photos and other content. Feel free to use anything that you link back to my site. However, I ask that you email me before reproducing any materials found on my blog. Thanks!

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