Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tutorial: Christmas Candle Holder

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A while back (before Christmas) I shared this little tutorial with my wonderful friends over at Hopeful Threads and today, I've decided it was time to bring the tutorial here so I can share with all of you and log it with my other tutorials.

I am going to share with you a super easy, no sewing or glue gunning experience required Christmas craft, the Christmas Light Candle Holder. This little votive holder makes a perfect last minute neighbor, teacher, mail man, grocer, or dog walker gift!

Pretty cute, isn't it?


Glass globe (I got mine from Michael's)
Small glass votive holder (Also from Michael's)
Large Christmas bulb replacements (I found mine at Wal-Mart)
Curling Ribbon
Fabric Ribbon
Votive Candle (Mine's vanilla scented!)

Cut 5-6 lengths of curling ribbon about one foot each and curl, curl, curl! Place curled ribbons into the bottom of the large glass globe.

Next, add a few light bulbs to the globe. There's no real science here. Just add as many as you like.

Cut a few more lengths of curling ribbon, curl, then add to the globe. Place the glass votive holder inside the glass globe. I tested mine out in the store before I made my purchases so I knew the votive holder would fit snuggly on top without falling into the globe. Place your candle into the holder.

Now, add a cute fabric ribbon around the mouth of the globe and enjoy! So easy and cute, right?!

I hope you all have an awesome and fantastically happy Christmas!


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