Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Ebb and Flow of Life

We all have those seasons; the ones where life riles up and forbids you from doing what you would normally do. I am in the midst of one such season but have had a heavy heart about not sharing with all of you, my lovely bloggy friends.

First off, I would like to publicly thank each any every one of you who donated to TRAC this year. I haven't received pictures or a full report, but it sounds like the girls and boys were deeply blessed by their handmade gifts provided by all of you. You have made their lives richer with just a few small items and for that I THANK YOU on behalf of them. If I get some pictures in the future, I will be sure to pass them along.

Secondly, I have been remiss in holding back on my new blog design! I kept meaning to write a whole post dedicated soley to the wonderful work of Miss Jennie over at Clover and Violet who worked with me for far too long to make some much needed changes to my design. She is absolutely amazing and deserves all the credit for my blog's look and feel. Please let her know if you are in need of a blog "facelift". She will do a fantastic job for you.

Now on to sharing just a tidbit of how time has been elapsing for me over these past few months: I am pregnant. I am having another little girl who we have named Lily and we are planning for her to arrive sometime in early January (although, if she wants to sneak in to 2013, I won't be complaining!!! Tax deduction!) My sister is also pregnant. And my best friend. And a few other friends. ((There's something in the water out here. I suggest you all keep your distance.)) But all that being said, what I really want you to know is that I am alive and living. I go out with friends. I have a group of girls I sew with on a regular basis. I have guild meetings. We have playdates. I spend lots of time with my family and can honestly say that playing pirate princess dress-up is the highlight of my day. Clara Mae just turned two years old and is just overflowing with imagination. She has recently discovered Peter Pan and truly believes she can fly! So we fly a lot. And twirl. And when we are exhausted from our travels around the kitchen island, we sit ourselves down to color or paint or mash Little People and Legos into Play-doh. I have an amazing life, but clearly, that life hasn't included blogging much lately.

It makes me sad that I don't find the time to blog. I miss you all dearly. We have really become such great friends. I could make an effort to be present in the online community through the blog, but I don't have a computer at home, just my phone. When I do have access to a computer, it's because my husband is home from work and has brought his laptop home for me to use, should I choose to, but I rarely do. The truth is I love spending time with him and spending time as a family. We talk about our days and make dinner together. We play with Maze. We walk our dogs. Sometimes we go out for ice cream. And when Clara is down for the night and we have a few moments of privacy, he reads to me while I hand sew or embroider on the couch. Yes. Our love is THAT ridiculous and perfect.

I want you all to know, though, that I have not disappeared altogether. Instagram has made it easy for me to "microblog" throughout the day, sharing projects and activities and maybe a few meals along the way. Please PLEASE consider following me there! My username is dheyen. And I have not given up blogging. I've just decided to post less often for now. I'm still waiting to see where this season leads me.

Thank you all for your continued support and friendship. It really has meant the world to me.

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