Monday, January 2, 2012

Similac and Acid Trips

Part of being a mom is experiencing life through Maze's eyes. And, boy have her eyes been seeing some pretty strange stuff!

Mazer is at a great stage. She's experimenting with her voice filling the house with sound. She bounces non-stop in her new bouncy toy. She has about 20 rolls on each thigh and three chins. She's just awesome.

But maybe my favorite part of this stage is the way she looks at her hands. I'm almost afraid to take her in public. I'm sure people are thinking, "What the heck did that woman put in her poor baby's formula to make her act that way?!" She could be happily staring at the light above our TV or talking my ear off, complaining to me about how the dogs ate her favorite binkie and how I absolutely must help her seek her revenge, when out of no where, her hand will appear. Like that dog on Up!, Clara will stop in her tracks (so to speak... she's not really making tracks yet) and stare intently at her hand, turning it end over end in the air with no regard to what she was doing previously. The way she stares at her hand reminds me of the way an acid-induced-someone would stare at their hand as it melted away from the bone. And it cracks me up! (Not the acid part. That would suck.) She may not be sitting on her own yet or even remotely interested in rolling over, but I'm loving where she's at and I can't wait to see what she discovers next.

Me trying to feed her and her playing with her hand.

And here, for your enjoyment, Mazer and her bouncer.



  1. All I can think is "Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing!" Just over and over again in my head. She is darling!

  2. Does she puke after doing that? LOL This age is great!

  3. Hilarious;) I remember my daughter doing the SAME thing with her hands around that age:) I just remember thinking...what has ever made me as happy as her hands are making her right now?! Ha!

  4. That is so cute! Owen never did that, so it's nice to watch other babies do it.


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