Saturday, January 14, 2012

Little Miss Maze's Nursery

I was talking to a friend the other day and I realized I didn't share the pictures of Clara's nursery, so here they are! Trust me when I say her room has not looked this clean since she arrived!

My tree. I painted that onto her wall and hung picture frames from it to hold pictures of the family. You know, like a family tree... Get it?? I know. Clever.

All those stuffies in the pet net belong to my husband and I. We had a hard time saying goodbye to old friends so we kept them for our kids. It's one of the few things I've allowed us to hoard!

My mom and I made those letters. I love how they turned out! As you can see, her room is very tiny and the lighting in our house is terrible! My craft room is the one right next to hers, so I never have good light in there. If we ever move, I want to have a well lit room for my sewing and scrapbooking!

She has this cute bunny painting next to the window now that a friend of mine made for her. You can see more of her work here. She made the giraffe, Rodrigo, for my sister. It's SO cute.

So there it is: Clara Mae's room. I'd love to see pictures of your nurseries, if you would be up to sharing!



  1. Her nursery is amazing, I'd want to sleep in there! The tree wall is amazing, you did an awesome job!


  2. Her room is so beautiful! I think the pet net is a wonderful idea: I'll use it to keep Nikko's toys!

  3. Love your family tree! When my kids were little we had one of those nets for all their stuffed toys.

  4. If only didn't live in AZ!! I painted when I was pregnant too, and Owen's room is right next to my sewing room! HA! I love Mazer's nursery. And I think it is hilarious that your husband kept his stuffed animals!


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