Friday, March 2, 2012

Stitch Tease: An International Mystery Quilt Bee

I have been honored by being asked to join a new quilt bee called Stitch Tease: An International Mystery Quilt Bee.

Stitch Tease

The concept is fun. Each of us will purchase one yard of fabric (I've chosen Cloud 9 Across the Pond The Banks in Ocean. The same fabric I use to make my Metro Bag here) and use that yard of fabric in everyone's quilt. Each person will add on to the quilt until the very last person, who will add their block or strip, then piece the quilt top together. We will be sending super secret emails to each other so the owner of the quilt top has no idea what their top looks like! Fun, right?!

Stitch Tease Inspiration

I have created this as my Stitch Tease inspiration board and I have asked each member to create a row/strip for my quilt. In their row, they can create anything they want! Stars? Do it! Log cabins and chevrons? More power to them! Since this is going to be such an eclectic quilt anyway, I wanted all the contributors to be able to share their favorite blocks and piecing techniques, so there you go! I can't wait to see what it looks like finished and we haven't even started yet!

First I have to get my strip together so I can show everyone what I am looking for. My quilt will be a modpodge, but some of the ladies are asking for more specific designs, like words, transportation, and lots and lots of stars, so having a sample row or block is going to be very important for all of us to know which direction to take the quilt top.

And why is it called "An INTERNATIONAL Mystery Quilt Bee", you ask? Well that would be because there are only two of us in the States and the rest of the contributors are spread out across the world! Yeah, postage is going to be a nightmare, but I think it will be all worth it in the end when I have a beautiful and unique quilt top that has seen more of the world than I have!

We will have about 6 weeks to complete each person's block or strip before sending it off to the next person in line and we will take some even more time in the summer and around the holidays. It's going to be laid back and relaxed, just my type!

Want to see who else is involved? Check them out!

Di: Random Thoughts Do or Di - California, USA
Annabella: Life's Rich Pattern - Marrakech, Morocco
Katy: The Littlest Thistle - Glasgow, Scotland
Hadley: Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle - West Sussex, England
Dianne: Quiltova - Valtice, Czech Republic
Helen: Run Quilt Knit Write - Forch, Switzerland
Susan: Canadian Abroad - Northamptonshire, England

And that's it! Sounds pretty grand, right?! So how about you? Are you uber excited about something coming up?



  1. What a great idea! It'll be fabulous to see all the different quilts at the end!

  2. I'm plotting/thinking already :oD

  3. I started sketching last night and I can't sketch. Gotta come up with a plan. I know my words...that's it!


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