Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday

So first off, let's talk about some of the bad qualities of desert living.

#1: Scorpions are everywhere. Even in craft rooms.

Scorpion in craft room!

So not cool. I get the house sprayed once a month for bugs and scorpions, but you never know where those buggers will be hiding. I mean, I have to shake out my towel before I use it to dry off just in case one decided to take a little nap on it. *shudder*

#2: It get's freaking HOT early in the year.

Beautiful but hot!

Getting really hot outside!

Maze and have been going for our walks and it's getting really hot here. Like, high 80s. In March. And Sunday, it's going to rain and be in the 60s! No wonder we're always sick.

Anyway, enough of my rant. On to my WIPs.

New projects:

-A scarf for Jennie. We are swapping handmade goodies. She's making me a Kindle cover with her new tutorial!


March Block for Beejeebers

-Beejeebers block, but I'm really not satisfied with it. Some of the other members said their lines were off by 1/8 inch, and mine are too, but it just BOTHERS me. I want to be one of those people with perfect corners. With perfect seams. I want to be someone whose lines always match up... and this isn't it. I don't know. Maybe I won't re-do it. I'll have to look at it a bit longer before I decide. Any tips for me???

Candyland block

-Finished my FEBRUARY Beejeebers block. I was a bit late, obviously. This is inspired by Candyland.

Asterisk block for Quilting For Kids

-Finished my Quilting For Kids block.

Sawtooth Star and Sheep

-Farmer's Wife in Your Life Baby Book. I posted a tutorial here.

To Do:

- Stash Bee Star block. We've been asked to make a paper pieced star. Like this:

Stash Bee #1 March 2012

- My row for Stitch Tease Bee
- Still nothing on the Curves Class.
- Still nothing on Stitch Tease.

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  1. yuk to the scorpion and the unbearable heat - hurrah for everything else! The star is wonderful :)

  2. My best friends live in Tucson and have a slight scorpion problem in their home, as well. I can't even imagine! I'm freaking out here on the East coast about the wolf spiders in my house. Your WIP projects look great, by the way!

  3. Your projects are looking great. Love the candyland inspired block!

    I'm envious of the hot weather you are having! Here, we are having wind and wet snow. Ugh.

    And seriously, scorpions? That would totally give me the willies. Don't know if I'd be able to sleep at night!

    Your little girl is adorable, by the way. :)

  4. Oh you need a little boy to sort out your bugs - my son would love it!
    Don't know how you managed to get so much mis-match - do you pin each seam? If you do, you can usually manage to get it all match up, especially if you start pinning from the centre outwards xxx

  5. oh for a bit of heat ...........without the bugs though !!

  6. Urgghhh glad we don't have scorpions over here! Love all the blocks! Keep them as they are sometimes lines are never perfect to you, but look perfect in someone else's eyes =D

  7. I'd love some sun but couldn't cope with the scorpions!
    I particularly like your candyland block.

  8. Eeek on the scorpions!

    Love all the blocks, but I'm also that perfectionist - have you tried starching to death?

  9. Ooooh, we get nasty spiders, but not scorpions thankfully. I don't think I'd cope! I'm crap at getting things to line up - but like Katy said starch may be your friend?

  10. Your beejeebers block looks great. I love it. I am the worst person to ask about perfect points and matching corners. I just sashed my swoon quilt and cut off almost all the points! Oh crap, like Paul says, "it's only a quilt"! Seriously, only a quilt!

  11. Your projects all look great! And the Animal By-Product book might just be the funniest thing I've ever seen. Love it!!


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