Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things I Loved This Week

Decanters. I'm sick of my water tasting like dirt when I get up in the morning.

Not one, but TWO new episodes of The Mentalist this week.

Looking at new homes. Thinking about moving.

Buying clothes with birthday money. Sent this to Brent to see if he thought I should get this dress, but he didn't respond, so I got it! :) As you can see, I also bought shorts. It's already THAT hot here.

Reading really awesome books and playing with trains. Maze and I were joined by our friends Danielle and Lincoln.

Got in some Aunt Edna! SO excited! I think I am going to Swoon with these. Also, Brenty bought me FMF for our anniversary this weekend! Boy knows the way to my heart! 10 gold stars to him!



  1. I was loving yo until that last picture, now I am just a jealous bitter Brit!

  2. Love DS new Aunt Joann's only has 5 of the bolts and I'm hoping they get more. That house is my "dream" house!

    1. I didn't realize JoAnn sold Aunt Edna!

  3. Love the dress girl! Nancy

  4. I'm glad you got the dress - adorable!
    Lincoln and I had such a good time with you two - Clara is just so cute I want to eat her up!

  5. Those decanters are gorgeous!! Love that house! When can I move into it!! The dress is soo cute. Loving those fabrics!

  6. You look adorable in the dress. Should we buy out Joann's and resell to the Brit girls?


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