Saturday, March 3, 2012

Things I loved this week

fun. - Some Nights. I love the melodies... the content maybe not so much, but such happy, upbeat music!

Small potatoes Theme Song. I LOVE this song. I sing it all the time. I even do a little dance when it comes on!

This mini quilt by Angela from Cut to Pieces.

Flea Market Fancy. I have to admit, I wasn't on the FMF band wagon until I saw this quilt. It was just "meh" to me. Now, I see it's potential and can't wait to get my hands on some of the reprint this spring!

And in case I haven't already mentioned it, Hello Pilgrim. I love butterflies! I bought the pearls already, but I wish someone would put together the butterflies, the jewels and maybe the stripes. Those are the ones I really want.

Lace. I am LOVING lace. So pretty and dainty.

The return of Psych! I was sad to see White Collar end until summer, but Oh Em Gee. Psych. LOVE!

Tiny Toms. I might have to buy these in a big girl size for mommy!



  1. Lovely post - I'm with you on the Tiny Toms, but what on earth are small potatoes (other than the obvious!)

  2. "I love small potatoes too, and listened to your song on here, I like small potatoes cos they are dancing and I like that they are small potatoes"...... this messages is from my daughter Hope (3 3/4 years) x

  3. You though FMF was 'meh'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

  4. Small potatoes? I'm afraid to ask... Oh, and for fear of being strung up by Hadley, I still can't see the FMF attraction, sorry!

  5. Now I have small potatoes in my head! It's such a catchy tune that it just sticks!! My son watches the show, and it's so silly!

  6. I love the mini quilt too!!
    I really do hate it when they put together bundles of the fabrics you don't really want it's like-I like that one and that one, but the rest...blah....

  7. Isn't Angela's mini just the cutest thing ever?


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