Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Clara was eating prunes yesterday and totally looked like Hitler. I just HAD to share.

Hitler Baby.

Hitler Baby

-Lindsey's birthday scarf

Lindsey's Birthday Gift

-Cut and mailed all my charms.


New Projects:


To Do:

-Farmer's Wife in Your Life project

Farmer's Wife in Your Life

- Stash Bee Star block. We've been asked to make a paper pieced star.
- February's Beejeebers block. I've made more progress, but I had to set it aside until I finish my Farmer's Wife in You Life project.
- March's Beejeebers block
- My row for Stitch Tease Bee
- Block for Quilting For Kids
- I only have 6 of the 12 QAL blocks finished... I need to catch up!
- And I haven't done anything for Curves Class yet.

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  1. Clara is so going to leave home as soon as she is old enough to!!

  2. How funny! Looks like you are seriously productive this week! Wish I could sew.

  3. I can't wait to see what you do for the Stitch tease bee!

  4. that photo is so so adorable! landon loves prunes too... i don't get the appeal...at all!


  5. awe! I can't wait till she's older and can come back and read about her sweaty feet and hitler mustaches, hahaha, she's going to loveeeee you :) - the blocks look great!

  6. ROFL, love the Hitler pic ;o) We're going to have a generation of kids in therapy in about 20 years time for all the things their mothers put on their blogs :oD

    Great job on your list for this week, good luck for next week!

  7. You've been nominated. Check it out: http://kristylouscreations.blogspot.com/2012/03/liebster-blog-award.html

  8. Hahaha. Your babies famous already and I bet she doesn't even know it. Loving the blocks the colours are all so bright =D

  9. Oh your little one is cute as can be! Love your blocks - I think we need to get some group motivation happening with curves class. I want to do so many of the projects but need more motivation to do it...

  10. LMBO! Even the arm is raised. Well done. Looks like you got your lizzy house pearls? that you've been wanting. You're sewing room is much more neat and clean than mine. :). Nancy

  11. Ha, Hitler child! rofl!!! I got BLASTED last year when everyone was fiercely entering their babies on the Bonds Baby Competition and fighting for votes on facebook and I suggested people vote for the one that looks most like a monkey... Love it when people who have expelled children from their bodies did not expel their sense of humour at the same time!

  12. ROLF she's going to kill you when she's old enough to realise what you've done!
    You do realise you have to show any and all boyfriends that pic when the time comes :D


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