Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Don't drink the Kool-aid (or eat the grilled cheese)

Hey girl, hey!

I think it's high time I give you all an update on my weight-loss challenge, right?

I haven't been doing much in terms of working out, but I have been eating well thanks to my awesome friend V who has put together a fantastic eating plan anyone can follow. Since starting her program about 5 weeks ago, Brent and I have EACH lost 15 pounds. Her plan is amazing, and for us, has been extremely easy to follow. If you are interested in her program (she has a 90 Day Challenge Course right now) let me know and I will get you her information.

Being mom to a growing infant/toddler means snacks EVERYWHERE. Maze is getting into the "self-feeding" stage. She takes pride in being able to shove her little cereal puffs into her own mouth and munching down an entire banana in one sitting. She loves using spoons, even if she does use the wrong end to feed herself with. The nice thing is I no longer have to rely on whatever Gerber has pureed and packaged into those little jars that sit on the shelves of the grocery store for months before ever being purchased by the consumers. Now I get to give Clara fresh fruit (I don't even have to cut it up!) and string cheese and grilled chicken off Mommy's plate. We share meals now which is amazing when it comes to preparation, but also can be very dangerous. I have friends who will make grilled cheese sandwiches for their babies and will end up eating 3/4 of the thing because their baby doesn't want it and they can't bear the thought of wasting it. I have friends who will give their babies sugary drinks that are high in empty calories, and when the baby doesn't want it (because she's super smart), Mommy drinks it all gone so it doesn't get poured down the drain. I'm here to tell you: STOP FINISHING YOUR KIDS' MEALS!

I made Maze a cream cheese and grape jam sandwich the other day. White Bread. Full fat cream cheese. She's a baby and needs those things. I, on the other hand, do not. I cut off the crust and quartered the little sandwich, giving her one piece at a time to smear across her tray and gnaw on. Per usual, she mangled two of the quarters, leaving the other two sitting on the plate, staring me down with their beady little grape flavored eyes. There was a moment, albeit short, where I thought of eating those little sandwich bites. They're so small. So tasty. I'm not hungry, but what can it hurt?

It can hurt A LOT. Leave them alone. Throw them out. Get them out of sight!

I am careful not to fall into the mommy-eating-toddler-food thing. I am strong. I am healthy. I intend to stay that way.

It's so tempting, I know. This is me telling you that I struggle with it too, but you need to let it go. Throw out those extras if they are too tempting. You'll be happy you did!

Losing weight means not only fitting into my old clothes, but getting to buy new ones. Here are a couple of my new, summer outfits:

Outfit 4

Outfit 3

Outfit 2

Outfit 1

Ok, so I need to clean my mirror, but I'm looking good, right?

I have officially reached my pre-baby weight and I am only one size away from my goal for Sewing Summit! I can't believe how much better I feel, how easy it's been. Thank you all for your support and emails. You have helped to keep me on track!



  1. Ok... I'll take her info!! You are looking great!

  2. Honey your looking awesome rockin' the Boho chic look!
    Could you please pass me her details too as I'm on a newly started mission to drop my "I quit smoking weight" which thanks to you I'm now going to blog about :D

  3. Well done you! I need to get back on the wagon right now! Actually it will be after I got to my mum and dad's this weekend, because I don't have the energy to battle whatever my mum plans to make (which will be healthy enough, but carb laden, and it's the low carbs that work best for me)

  4. You look fret Danny! Keep up the good work.

  5. I'll second Annabella's comment! Congratulations!

  6. Well done! You are looking fab!

    It definitely can be hard to resist those kid leftovers. I think what cured me was when they had colds and snot everywhere, and germy fingers, and just ugh. Too much gross? sorry. hehehe.

  7. Great job Danny! Loving those outfits! :) Send me her info asap!

  8. You're looking fabulous!

    I might need that eating plan. I was doing really well on the Insanity workout track and then I hurt my shoulder (doing something stupid) so I've fallen off.

  9. You look great! I would love her information regarding the plan.

  10. Dang straight we need the details!! Mind you I am so allergic to most foods that I probably can't follow it. LOL
    Loving the new fashion & glad you are feeling better.
    London, UK

  11. AWESOME!!! I am so impressed! Well done, I bet you feel sooooo good! I'd love the details too. I'm also in the category of...I can't waste this!! Working on that. Your new clothes are cute! I've managed to ditch about 5 pounds ish so far and we're doing a lot more fresh, less processed food than before but not as much as you've been doing! You look great!

  12. 15 pounds is seriously impressive! Well done!!!

  13. you look fabulous!! congratulations!!

  14. Congratulations on such a great weight loss! You can really see the difference. Hope it continues to go well and you don't get tempted by those leftovers =D

  15. You look fab and have totally inspired me! Rock on, mama!

  16. You look fab and I want the info, for sure. I haven't heard of anyone eating a cream cheese and jelly sandwich since I was a child of the 1960's. They were our Friday (no meat) sack lunch sandwich.

  17. Very nice! You look great (love the new clothes too...I need to get a style....). A note from a mom who doesn't like to waste food either, I plan to finish half os Silas's dinner if it is something I don't want to throw out. I just serve myself half of what I normally would and then, if he happens to eat all his food I dish myself a second small portion. It seems to work pretty well!

  18. You look absolutely great Danny. Well done for being strong! It's great fun being able to choose new clothes, isn't it.

  19. You look great!
    I'd be interested in knowing more about her challenge. I'm trying to loose baby weight too.


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