Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maze's Birthday {and a giveaway winner}

If you are only visiting today to check out the winner of the Groove quilt pattern, I won't keep you waiting:

The winner is Joanne who happens to love The Lion King. Great choice! I will be emailing you shortly to get your contact information.

And for the rest of you hooligans, today is Mazer's birthday! I won't be writing much since today isn't yet over, but I thought I would share some pictures of our fun today:

Alyssa over at Pile O'Fabric just happens to be my neighbor and yesterday we spent the day with her and her kiddos. What made the day even more awesome?! She bought a huge cupcake to celebrate Maze's first birthday!

We started the day with Elmo and Sesame Street.

Then we went to the splash pad with Uncle Dermur. He takes really good pictures, mostly because he's a pro.

Then Mommy spoiled her by buying her a small Pooh Bear at the Disney Store and even bought her a small ice cream, all for the small little big girl!

Her party isn't until this weekend, but rest assured: there will be many more celebratory pictures to come!



  1. adorable photos!


  2. So stinkin cute!!! Happy birthday to her! She looks like she's had a great day so far!

  3. Happy Birthday Maze! Oh, I wish I lived near you and Alyssa so me and my little one could have hung out too!

  4. Happy Birthday Maze! Such a cutie!

  5. Man she's growing up! Happy birthdate beautiful girl! How awesome that you have a quilty boggy neighbor - I dream of that!

  6. aweeee! happy birthday pretty girl!

  7. Happy birthday Miss Maze - you got your parents thrown out of any more venues recently? Start as you mean to go on and all that ;o)

  8. Cutest splash pad pictures. First birthdays are the best!

  9. Wooo Happy Birthday to Maze!!!!!! So glad to see she had cake! In the picture behind her is that a dog or bear on the floor? =D

  10. She is too cute!! Glad to see her feet out again :)
    Happy Birthday Maze!


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