Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What?? Since when am I a no-reply blogger?!

Well, that was a pain in the butt.

Apparently, Google has recently decided to mess with my settings and has made me a no-reply blogger. All this came down the pike because Google forced their Google+ account profile onto the matching Blogger account. Fine by me. People can see my Google+ page because they know me on the blog. I'm good with that.

But they default you back to no-reply commenter. And there is no way to fix that.

Not cool, Google.

So I had to revert to my old Blogger account, cutting ties between Google+ and Blogger and now I have to completely re-do my Blogger profile.

And I'm not even sure it will stick.


Please just let me know if I become a no-reply blogger again. Thank you for those of you who brought this to my attention!



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Oops,sorry about that! Here is a link for you!

    This happened to me too recently,Grrr,thanks to the peeps who let me know,I went looking and found the above site :) Problem solved.

  3. Right Danny, testing on you. You have my email so please let me know if I've gone non reply.

  4. Me testing too. I've avoided Google+ because I heard bad things about it.

  5. You commented on a post of mine last week, and I thought it was odd that you were a "no-replyer". I was going to email you and I guess I forgot! So sorry. Good luck fixing it all.

  6. Oh this must have been what they did to me a while back! Good luck in sorting it out - it`s a complete pia.

  7. Gotta love a good 'upgrade'... *ahem*


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