Monday, July 2, 2012

Yeah. I'm one of THOSE moms.

You know the type.

The ones who take video of every little minuscule event, regardless of their importance.


So, I get really excited about monsoon season. It's really flipping hot here, in case you didn't already know, and monsoon gives us a little reprieve from it all.

Temperatures drop about 20 degrees (though even with the drop we are still usually in the 90s). The wind blows strong enough to uproot even the most mature mesquite trees. Tumbleweeds start rolling across the streets, threatening your car's paint job. Lizards, snakes and scorpions seek shelter under your patio furniture. Okay, so that list makes it sound scary, but there's also the sporadic torrential downpour that quenches the desert's thirst. The way steam rises from the streets as cool water hits the sweltering asphalt. The fresh, clean smell in the air after the rain has filtered all the dust and dirt, dragging it back to the ground, and the beauty of the mountains that can actually be seen after the perma-haze caused by the dry, dusty terrain is washed away. It's the way the skies change from crystal clear white to eggplant in a matter of minutes. The way the thunder howls and the lightening cracks, stretching her arms out across the dark desert sky. It's the way we jump out of the pool, frantic to tie down tables and chairs and umbrellas before the literal wall of dust crawls it's way across our yards. And it's the way we watch from the windows, still soaked, as the dust completely envelopes our house and everything goes dark.

It's the season of cozy jammies and good books. The season of iced teas and card games.

It's when my dogs are too scared to sleep alone and the roads flood after 10 minutes of rain.

So you see, monsoon season is my favorite. It's only natural that the first storm would elicit enough excitement to cause me to run outside with my video camera... right? RIGHT?!

Just a warning: this is the beginning of monsoon season. You'll be seeing a lot more.



  1. What a beautifully written post, Danny. But I didn't get any video link and I'm all disappointed now.

  2. Oh you have such a beautiful way with words my friend! Enjoy the rest of the monsoon season, sounds spectacular (apart from the crawlies under furniture...)

  3. I have monsoon envy! I love big storms so much, we had flash flooding here on Thursday and while a little scary it was super exciting to watch! I love the look on your little madams face as the wind gets her :D

  4. I'm from the SW, and monsoon season is what I miss the most! I'm jealous!

  5. Our Monsoon season is here in NM but we're still waiting for the rain! Had the wind and dust yesterday ~ rushed thru like a freight train! Woo Woo Woo

    Little Clara seemed to enjoy that wind for a few minutes. She is a cutie!

    Wishing for rain over here!

  6. Wow that does make it sound scary and you dared brave the odds and go outside!

    What a cute video! =D

  7. Sounds like much more fun than the crappy rain we have ALL THE BLOODY TIME!!!!

  8. So cute! I think you'll be happy you are one of THOSE moms when you have all of this great footage to share with Maze when she's older. :)

  9. That's a big milestone for an Arizona baby! The clouds have been building up here, but no rain yet. Can't wait!

  10. hahaha love it! eh, is it so terrible to be one of THOSE moms?? keep em coming momma, they're fun to see - she's so stinking cute!

  11. I didn't even know about Monsoon season until now.


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