Monday, May 7, 2012

Weigh in update



It sucks.

Thank you all for the wonderful words of encouragement because I need it. Some nights, I'm working out at 10:30pm because I haven't had time earlier in the day. 10:30p is bedtime, not work out time. But I digress.

So here I am, three weeks in. I've only lost 2.5 lbs, but I'm feeling great! My pants are a little looser. I can do more and more push-ups everyday. I'm excited!

Working on my fitness Week 3

One more thing I wanted to address: my weight. I had some bloggy friends email me completely astonished at my weight (192 lbs now!) and I feel I should explain. I've always been a solid person. I was an athlete growing up and I've always had a lot of muscle mass. I remember talking to my pediatrician in high school after I learned about BMI in health class. According to the BMI, I was obese, but I was a size 10, 5' 6", soccer playing, dancing, yoga doing, extremely fit teenager. I was lost and confused. And upset. Very upset. How could I be obese??? Girls have a hard enough time with body image in high school. Being told you're obese when you clearly are in amazing shape... that is enough to crush any 15 year old psyche. So my doctor told me that people with high muscle mass have very high BMIs. Arnold Schwarzenegger's BMI was through the roof, but he was a body builder, not a channel surfing couch potato eating his weight in Snickers bars. When I graduated high school, I weighed 165 lbs. Much smaller than I am now, for sure, but still much heavier than other women with my similar dimensions. So here I am, more than a few years later and 30 lbs heavier. I'm sure most of that weight has to do with having just had a baby and age and overall laziness, but I wanted to let you all know that my 192 lbs is not abnormally heavy for me. It's heavy, but not abnormal.



  1. I've always been the same as you. Right now I must admit that I have about 60 pounds to lose but that is because of my last few sedentary job years. When I tell people what I weigh they always say "There is not way you are THAT heavey you look less than that!" It is because I have always been very solid also.

    I was a gymnast in school and I also played Lacrosse. As I needed to lose weight after having kids I got into body building for a while. Then I got a desk job that wore me out mentally so that when I got home all I wanted to do was sit and veggitate and then sew on the weekends. BAM! 60 pounds in about a year and half. I have started an eating plan and son and I are starting a walk/jog/run regimine tomorrow so hopefully that will help me.

    I always tell everyone that I come from "sturdy farming stock" since all of my grandparents and on back where farmers. :D

    1. Oh my word.. my typing is horrible.. might be because it is 1:30 in the AM. ;)

    2. Yay! Glad to see you are hanging in there. Keep up the good work and remember its all for you :)

  2. Damn, I would love to have high muscle mass! You look fabulous the way you are and will feel better (as you already do) for the working out. But you are right, working out does suck. I would much rather go for a ten mile walk than stand on a treadmill any day. But if we had a house with room I would go back to doing free weights. I loved doing those way back when.

  3. Oh yes, ex-rower here standing up with the same problem, although I have about 20 lbs to lose after falling very hard off the wagon when I wasn't well a couple of months ago o.O

  4. I have something of the same issue, though really only in my legs...they're freaking huge! I'm finally coming to accept it, though buying pants with what seem like really big numbers still isn't fun, especially when my thighs are the only reason I have to go so big! Congrats on the first little bit lost -look forward to more check-ins for inspiration. --typed while on a bike at the gym, haha!

  5. A lot of people have that problem. According to the BMI thingy, I'm extremely obese. Yet I look at myself, and the fact that I wear a size 10 pants, and don't see it. I do need to loose a few pounds, but with the move into a new house recently, and everything else in my life, who has time to exercise. I've decided my exercise is going to be mowing 3 acres with a push mower every freaking week. LOL

  6. I've never been athletic or an exerciser and was always "naturally thin" and then menopause hit and wowzers! Instant 25 pounds. I am so proud of you, Danny, for owning your BMI and not caving in to social pressure. Healthy is the way to think and it sounds like you are doing it the right way. I saw a photo of me from the weekend and I have jumped on your bandwagon...I'm going for my 1 hour swim now. Hugs!

  7. Good work on the weight loss so far! I totally agree exercise is horrible! I am struggling to force myself to exercise to lose the 20lbs I gained since we moved to Houston. I admire you for sticking to your program, with everything else you have going on!!!

  8. Do you want to know a secret/broad sweeping stereotype? As an American, you look positively svelte!
    You've got to be what makes you comfortable, not what it says on the scales xxx

  9. Go Danny, go Danny!! Woot woot!

  10. I hate working out too - I'd rather just be careful about what I eat!

    Well done for keeping at it, and heaven only knows how you work out at 10.30. Time for bed. You should wight yourself in Kilos - it sounds less!

  11. Glad to hear the weight loss is going well! Maybe trying walking round the block in the evenings, me and a few friends used to do that when I lived away from home.
    It's funny how people are trying to loose weight while I'm trying to gain some =D

  12. Yay!!! You're on your way to Anthropologie!! :)

  13. I'm just the same, I did so much skating (roller boots, blades and ice) when I was younger I am practically PURE muscle!! Seriously. After kids though I piled on more. Even when I was skinny I was still considered overweight according to the stupid BMI and charts. It's really about knowing your body and what makes you feel good!
    Well done on the weightloss and I've heard the more you exercise the more you grow to like it... I say I've heard because clearly I've never done enough to know!! ;) x


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