Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I really have the best friends

Some of you may not have known this, but a little while back I won a giveaway on Maureen Cracknell Handmade. And not just any giveaway...

THE giveaway.

The best giveaway she's had by far, in my book!

I won her beautiful, handmade birdie pillow!

The Haul

Isn't it beautiful?! I love Maureen. I love her creativity and passion for the craft. And as if it wasn't already amazing that I won such an awesome giveaway, she sent me some extra goodies, just because!

Beautiful Freshcut

Here is a little collection of Freshcut she sent me. It's so dainty and light. Just the refreshing addition my stash needed!

I had big plans for this pillow. It was going to be the pretty pillow I place front and center on the couch when people come over so they can see that I have pretty things too! But Maze had other ideas for it:

Maze loves this pillow SO much!

She was taking a nap when I took this photo. Trust me. When she's awake, she will not let me take the pillow from her. She likes the texture, taking her one little pointer finger and scratching at the raw edge appliqué and the bitty black embroidered eyes. When she's ready to move on to a new toy, she tosses it behind her and falls back courageously on it and sighs. Such a cutie.

She has another pillow from a friend that she adores (it has a button. Endless fun), but I can't show you that one yet because my friend asked me not to, so you'll just have to believe me.

I also got these babies in the mail last week:


Amber from Wambers Whimsies sent me this great bundle of Mendocino scraps. I just can't get over it. Mendocino!! So exciting! The Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney movie as a child (Beauty and the Beast made a close second. Cinderella came in third) and I would have bought this entire line if I were quilting when it came out, but sadly, I wasn't. Same with Good Folks. I LOVE GOOD FOLKS, but I don't have any of it. Well, that is, until I get my great little package from Jess this week. We swapped some fabrics and I got some Good Folks out of the deal!!

See? The best friends.



  1. Aren't you doing well in the postal sweepstakes!! Lovely stash builders.

  2. Oh awesome! It will be on its happy way to you tomorrow :o)

  3. Oh, her Aurifil got there before mine! You're going to be well stocked!!!

  4. awesome!! i heart Maureen too! the children attempted to fight over our fox pillow, but the hubs claimed it as his ;)

  5. Danny, you are so sweet! THANK YOU!!

    I'm actually hoarding my Good Folks -- do you think she'll do a re-release?


  6. Oh so jealous, that cushion is gorgeous! How lovely to send the other yummies too :)

  7. that is some very happy mail

  8. What great mail you're so lucky! Can't say I'm loving the Mendocino *shudders* =D

  9. How awesome!! I loved that pillow so much, and it's so great that your daughter loves it so much! Wonderful mail is such a great thing!!


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