Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bee Blocks

Ok... so I'm still working on my Stitch Tease block, but I will have a teaser for you soon!

Semi Truck

This is the Semi Truck block for Beejeebers. Sadly, this is my final block for this bee. It was loads of fun and this was an interesting block to go out on. I had fun figuring out how to put it together!

Stash Bee - May

This is May's Stash Bee block. I really enjoyed making this one as it was quite relaxing. The whole wonk thing is really starting to grow on me as an artist. It's so liberating to not have to do math! And I really LOVE these colors. After seeing how pretty this block turned out, I am totally asking for Kona Charcoal for my month in Stash Bee.



  1. Wonky not-so-HSTs look brilliant!

  2. Wonky HSTs must be much less of a pain in the ass to do!! Now there is a happy thought!

  3. Thanks, I can't wait to add your block to the mix!

  4. mmm I love charcoal too!
    the blocks look wonderful, love those trucks! :)

  5. Gotta love a bit of wonky goodness!

  6. cute blocks. Love the truck

  7. Good thing I purchased more Charcoal! What a cool semi-truck block :)


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