Tuesday, April 3, 2012

La la la

Today feels like a singing day, doesn't it? A day to "la la la" along to the tune of everything.

 I'm feeling better. The munchkin's feeling better. I got lots of goodies over the weekend. It just feels happy and "spring"y, I guess.

  Swap Haul

These are some of the yummy fabrics I've swapped for over the past little bit of time. Aren't they fab?? The little stacks in the upper right hand corner are my haul from the two I Spy swaps I joined and the Polka Dot Charm Swap that was hosted by Jennifer at Knotted Thread. I am silly-excited about making an I Spy quilt even though Maze is WAY too young to play along.

 No. Your eyes are not deceiving you. I swapped for lots of "boy" prints, but I just want you to know, I am NOT pregnant. Just thought I'd shoot that horse in the face before it came charging around the corner. No. I am just collecting prints should I need to make a baby boy blanket or burp cloth or boyish things (which has come up more than once). Don't wish another child on me just yet. I will hunt you down.

  Kindle Cover

Kindle Cover

How beautiful is this Kindle cover?! I mean, holy crap. This beauty was made by Jennie over at Clover and Violet. We decided to swap pretties after discussing how much we really liked each other's creations. I get this gorgeous (and embroidered with butterflies! WHAT?!) Kindle cover and she gets one of my infinity scarves, which I showed you here.


Speaking of butterflies, I've been making some. Yay! Notice how I can't get away from anyone? Take, for example, my dogs who photo bomb every picture I take. And Maze, who was doing this while I tried to take that ONE PICTURE:

  Take pictures of ME, mom!

Help me. My mommy doesn't love me. And I don't have enough toys. And mom only gave me oatmeal and a bottle for breakfast and I wanted apples. And My toes are hot. And my Suzie dolly looked at me wrong. And all the pictures should be of me. I'm the baby! I'm the cute one. Whine. Whine. Whine.

Clara's mad!

Yeah. Not winning any prettiest baby awards with that face, Darlin'.

 So I laid her down for a nap. Out in two seconds, flat.

Then, since I had a little down time this morning, I decided to try to figure out this whole Google+ vs. Picnik thing and I think I may have signed up for something I didn't want. Now it appears as though all my pictures from my blog are being uploaded into my Google+ account, which is fine, but it scares me a bit since deleting a photo from Google+ will delete it from your blog as well. All I really want to do is put my "Mommy For Reals" at the bottom of the pictures so people will know the origin of the photos if they find it on, say... Pinterest? And I would also like to have an easy way to get my edited pictures from there to here. That's the rub. So far, it's not easy. Not Flickr easy, anyway. So if any of you have this mastered, help a sister out!! I had to upload all the pictures for this post into Google+, edit them to add the wording, download them to my computer, then re-upload them into Blogger (loving that the picture will actually show up where your cursor is in Blogger now! Someone finally realized that all the pictures being posted at the top of the post probably wasn't the brightest idea). Google+ NEVER uploaded my butterfly pic, even when I tried to upload it on it's own, so I had to go the Flickr route on that one, but my concern is that I need to wean myself off of Flickr a bit for the blog photos since I won't have any way to edit them after the 19th. Then the pictures came out too small so I ended up uploading them all the Flickr anyways so they were sized correctly. Buh. That's ok. I'm not going to let it get me down today! I'm meeting the MIL for lunch! I got my Sewing Summit tickets! I got a shower today! All is right with the world!!



  1. Got my sewing summit tickets too! woohoo! idc what you say, crying or not, she's adorable.. but then again, she's also quiet in pictures :) haha glad your polka dots made it okay!

  2. Everywhere I look, Sewing Summit talk!

    I now have the same expression as Maze!

    No idea what to say about the pictures, I am clueless x

  3. Just wait...soon you won't be able to take a picture without Maze getting in front of the camera! As far as the pictures go...why don't you just put the words on them before uploading them? I do all of mine in Picasa and then just upload them that way...

  4. Don't wish A kid on you? Can I wish triplets? All with that whiny face? ;o)

    Love all your parcels though :oD

  5. That is a great set of swapped fabrics!!
    Love the kindle cover!
    Those butterfly blocks look great! How do you make them??
    Awww poor Maze! =D

  6. Ha! Add twelve months to Maze and they walk around and follow you with that expression. All day when they're feeling grumpy. And have learnt to whine reeealy annoyingly. (She is pretty cute even when she's pouting though!)

    No idea with the Google+ - I signed up ages ago and have never logged in...

  7. Try picmonkey.com! It's virtually the same is Picnik, but isn't going anywhere :) And not scarily integrated everywhere like Google.

  8. Oh Danny, I love ya girlfriend! And that little Mazer too! Those pictures of her along with your descriptions are HE-larious! I can just totally hear your voice as I read it. I love your fabrics, so fun! And I need to have you over for another bloggy tutorial. And yes, anytime us mommies get a shower, it is an AMAZING day!

  9. Oh my goodness. Your commentary for Clara was funny. Your quilt is so pretty! Glad you guys are feeling better! :)

  10. glad you all are feeling better! love the humorous commentary, so funny. as for the picture business, WHAT? all this internet mumbo jumbo has me utterly confused. i havent tried to figure out google+ but maybe i should?

  11. After reading your post today (April 5) I'd say those boy fabrics will make a chemo comfort quilt for Caleb.


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