Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter hodgepodge

So, first thing's first:


I feel like I've been MIA for much too long. As I mentioned Sunday, I have so much to share. I won't share all of it today for fear of running you all off with information overload, but I'll fill you in on the highlights.


See Katy?! I gave her an egg. It's not a real egg, but something to play with!

Clara-bug on Easter

Easter went well. Clara hung out in church service with us, which we normally don't let her do. She hollered during music, since I can't really consider her screams "singing", and later we went to my grandparents' house to eat and have a little Easter egg hunt. I was actually kind of disappointed. Usually SOMEONE makes Deviled Eggs out of the left over Easter eggs, but this year, no one made Easter eggs! Oh, yes. Maybe I should explain. The kids hunt plastic eggs with money or candy inside. That way, if you don't find them all, your yard doesn't smell like death for a week while you hunt down the discarded eggs. Nasty! So anyway, no Deviled Eggs, but still a fun time with family.


If you are interested in keeping up to date with his story, go here. Things seem to be looking up for this little guy. First, his brother was allowed to go see him and now he's allowed outside! It's amazing what little pleasures can mean to a young kid cooped up in a hospital room. Caleb has been diagnosed with a b-cell lymphoma called Berkins Lymphoma. It has a huge success rate as far as curing it, according to his dad. Please continue keep him in your prayers and thoughts.

Of course, when we heard his story, the Comfort Quilters sprung into action to get Caleb a quilt to keep him cozy during his chemo treatments.

caleb with quilt

caleb's quilt

It's backed in a lizard flannel one of our lovely quilter ladies found at Jo-Ann's. Caleb LOVES lizards, so it was perfect!

While I know Caleb's parents, I would also like to ask that you pray for another little man from our church whose parents I have yet to meet. Cooper is also 8 years old and was diagnosed with leukemia a week before Caleb was diagnosed. I don't know much about his story, but it's heart wrenching none-the-less. We made Cooper a quilt too so now the boys have matching ones!

And since I'm talking about Comfort Quilters, here are a few snapshots of Hope Quilts I delivered this weekend:

Hope QUilt

Hope Quilt

Hope Quilt

I will be sharing more about Comfort Quilters in the near future and giving my readers a chance to get involved. Keep an eye out for that!

Stitch Tease.

So, I'm a little bit behind, but I finally finished my strip.

Stitch Tease Starter Strip

I have asked for everyone to make a 70" strip of whatever they want! I started with my sun, which grew to include the butterflies, then the clouds. I intend to hand quilt/embroider this once it's finished and back in my hands. The clouds will have rain. The butterflies will have swirls. It is going to be awesome!

I think that's enough for today. Clara's going to be up from her nap soon and I need to finish pin basting my Beatles quilt. Yep. I said it. Beatles.



  1. Sounds like you've been very busy! Glad to see Caleb got his quilt! It looks great! =D

  2. Thanks for updating on Caleb, positive thoughts and prayers will continue to go his way -- btw BEATLES! must see!!

  3. Those Comfort quilts are wonderful.
    No idea how I am going to match up to that ST strip - oh boy, it's going to be ecclectic!!!

  4. Your strip is gorgeous! You are so talented. What batting do you use? I used quilt-light for mine, but it is not nearly as thin as the one shown, which is what I wanted.

  5. Clara looks adorable, so glad Caleb is getting good care. I think what you do with Comfort Quilters is so generous.
    Your stitch tease block is going to be a lot of fun to add to.

  6. This is me, following your Blog, Danny!! I love the picture of Caleb with his quilt. You should post that one on "the City" too! I raced to finish the one for Cooper by Sunday morning, and got it done at 7:10 a.m. and got myself ready for church in time to make it to the 8 a.m. service. I left it there, with Ed Dean's promise to get it to Pastor Dave who promised to get it to Cooper asap! I hope he has it by now. Love you, Danny, and so appreciate your involvement with our Comfort Quilters!

  7. Clara looks pretty content sitting there in her very cute dress gnawing on her little egg. Sounds like a great Easter--well minus the no deviled eggs! ;) Thanks for the update on Caleb too. His quilt looks like it will be well loved and very comforting!

  8. Lovely quilts and the strip is fun. Heaven only knows what I'm going to do!

  9. Still no chocolate though, meanie! Glad to see the Comfort Quilters have swung into action for all in need though, and that you finally had time to strip... ;o)


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