Friday, April 13, 2012

I'd like a heart attack with a side of eggs, please.

Early this morning Brent had a dental appointment and when he left, the baby began to stir. I waited for her to reposition with her blanket over her head, just the way she likes it, before I dozed back off. It was too early. I wasn't ready to greet the day.

And then... a nightmare come to life. The fire alarm started blaring! My eyes shot open as I took a millisecond to process what that terrible, shrill noise was. I jumped out of bed and flew through the dark to the door. All I could think of was Clara, alone in her crib across the house. What could I have left on? Did I turn the iron off after making that binding last night? Did Brent turn on the coffee machine before he left this morning??? My mind was racing. My legs were racing. My heart was racing even faster. I tore around the corner to the kitchen on my way to the baby's room, and this is what I saw:

Brent. Fanning the smoke alarm with a towel. Smoke billowing out of the oven.

What the heck?!?

Turns out, there wasn't a fire. And Clara never even woke up.

Brent got home from the dentist early and wanted to bring me breakfast in bed! For no reason.

I burst into laughter. I couldn't help it! I had been terrified and full of adrenaline not two full seconds earlier and the overwhelming joy I felt after seeing burning bacon had no where to go but out. My head was spinning and my heart was trying to put on the brakes, so I sat to give my body some help.

I have never run so fast in my life. And I played soccer!



Anyway, once I calmed down, I was able to eat some breakfast.

I think today's breakfast turned out to be more of a surprise than Brent had intended!

Anyone ever had something like this happen to you?



  1. Having my husband make me breakfast in bed would probably be enough to give me a heart attack all by itself, LOL! He's good about making breakfast, just never without me making a sad puppydog face first. ;) The only thing I've had happen that was remotely close was when a friend and I were staying in a Motel 6 and their fire alarm started going off. Everyone up and down the hall was peeking out of their doors, because no one thought it was an actual emergency - and it wasn't, thankfully. I'm glad everyone was okay for you, too! ;D Have a great weekend!

  2. oh. my. goodness! what a way to wakeup! very sweet of brent though! thankfully, never experienced this, just the usual smoke alarms going off when cooking.. lol

  3. Oh bless, what a sweetie, even if he did set the alarm off. Not a good way to wake up though!

  4. Well at least you can say he still lights your fire... ;o)

  5. I would have throttled him...but so cute of him to think of doing that!

  6. That sounds soo sweet-the idea behind it, but so totally crazy you diving out of bed, in mad panic! and everything! =D

  7. Oh man, my heart was racing a bit reading this (you have a way with words my friend!) Lovely that he made you breakfast, he's a keeper :o)

  8. Ah, Mr. Romance II in the making, for sure

  9. What a treasure! And bacon and egg - wonderful!

  10. That is so funny! (now that I know it was a real fire) I'm glad everything turned out fine and you even got a nice breakfast.

  11. hahahaha! can't imagine what it must have felt like to think you were alone with the babe in a house fire for a few seconds, but i had a bit of a spaz attack when my brother left a giant box of matchsticks atop the wood stove after lighting it. i started to smell the awful fire smell, ran in a panic to find the stove had heated up and lit the whole box of matches up! i can imagine my sense of relief was similar to yours, tho :D


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