Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP and a walk

So, I'm going to start with the walk.

Yesterday, my dear friend Ira (Not eye-ra, but ir-a... because her name is Iryna) invited me to join her on a "short" long walk. I say "short" long walk because we intended to walk to The Coffee Shop (yep. That's the name of the place) and she PROMISED it was only 1.8 miles from her house. She Googled it.

So we set out on empty tummies to go to The Coffee Shop where we would eat a little treat and maybe sip some tea while listening to Sufjan and playing with our babies. At first, we were happy. The sun was shining. It was only in the 60s and we were getting lots of fresh air (or toxic car fumes from the road we walked along, but I'm optimistic). After about 30 minutes of walking, Clara began to fuss. I knew she was hungry, but we were walking! What was I supposed to do?

Problem solved.

I could go into lots of detail and stretch this out with loads of hyperbole, but I think I'll just cut to the chase today. The walk ended up being almost 4 miles one direction. Either Google lied or Ira's delusional. But, we did have a nice lunch.

You can't go to The Coffee Shop and NOT get a cupcake. They won Cupcake Wars. It's got to be sacrilegious or something.

The walk home was grueling. We were fat and happy and wanted a nap. We still had two babies to tote (and who both pooped on this trip) and it had gotten hot. Like, 77 degrees hot. That may not sound like much but when you're walking in winter clothes for MILES in that weather, it's not comfortable. We made it home long after we had expected and let the girls out of their wheeled cages to play. Or, to slobber on each others' toys and claw each other with their long nails. Again. Optimist here.

Ok... On to the WIPs.


-Make a few other tid bits for Little Mister Lennon
-Made Follower appreciation pouch and tutorial
-Made earrings and tutorial

New Projects:

-Polka Dot Charm Swap, but it should be easy! Just cutting charms!

To Do List:
-I made progress on the mystery project

-2 QAL blocks
-Stash Bee block
-Beejeebers Block
-Kindle cover
-Something special for my sister's birthday (in progress)
-I Like To Learn flannel quilt
-1001 Peeps quilt
-Folksy Flannel Plus Quilt
-Brent's T-Shirt Quilt (yeck! Not looking forward to that one)
-Maya's Echo quilt
-Make at least one more Japanese x and + for the swap
-Finish knit maxi skirt
-Pillows for my mom's front room
-Scrabble pot holders for my grandpa

Not NEARLY as much progress as I had hoped, but I was sick this weekend and I have been working A LOT on the mystery project. I have a deadline on that puppy!

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  1. Such cute babies!! That cupcake looks amazing :)
    Thats a bug to do list you've got there, better get sewing!

  2. oh my gosh,what cutie babies! and that cupcake looks so delish!!

  3. I'd walk 4 miles for a cup cake like that - just not with two babies!

    1. Yeah. I think that's the part that makes us insane!

  4. The babies are adorable. Glad you survived your walk!!

    I love that fabric on your mystery project. Wonder what it is????

    1. It is Yard Sale Summer Paisley by Dear Stella. I got it at

  5. you'll be AMAZED at how close it is from my house....I think it takes me about 7 minutes - HA! Looking forward to tomorrow :)

  6. Wow that was a long short walk, glad to hear you all survived, and that cupcake definitely looked worth it. I can't wait to see more of your mystery project. :)

  7. Lol, yes, that was quite the hike, but you must have burned off the calories for at least half of that cupcake ;o)

  8. Hello. Okay I like what I see so far. So following you. Both kids are so cute. Tho' I can't tell yet which one is yours. I think this is the best part of being a mom. When kids are so lovable. Mine are teens now. Sigh.

    1. Mine is the one with the brown eyes and thunder thighs on the right! Haha. The other baby is Miss Maya, Mazers' BFF. She has the most gorgeous and striking blue eyes I have ever seen!

  9. I loved the days when my babies were small and I would go for walks or to the mall with strollers and kids and food. So much fun. Enjoy these days.


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