Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting Real

I'm a mess. If I could climb inside a box right now and not come out until March, I would.

I know I've been mentioning it. Saying it. Screaming it! But now I really want to tell you what's on my plate in hopes there will be some leniency and mercy from my peers. Also, it helps me to just write it down.

I get lots of questions about how I keep up with everything: blog, house, mommy, projects, Comfort Quilters, swaps, bees. The truth is, I don't. I have an amazing husband who helps me immensely. He makes runs to JoAnn's to buy me the 10" zipper because I was a dummy and got the 8". He cleans the house and watches the baby on his days off so I can go hide in my hole and create. He does late night Sonic runs and early morning Starbucks runs and does it all with a smile on his face because he loves me and wants me to do what I love. I'm spoiled. I know that.

Brent has been studying non-stop for the past three weeks for a big certification that will further his skills in his field and (BONUS!) land him a promotion at work. This week is the culmination of his preparation. He is taking part in a boot camp to get him ready for his super big test on Sunday. Brent will need to leave the house at 6am every morning and will not return until 9:30 or so every evening this week. Saturday he will be in class. Sunday is the six hour test. Because of this, I have been without my support system for a couple weeks and this week is going to be even worse.

I knew the month of February would be a challenge when signing up for all my swaps and bees but I figured I would be able to time manage enough to get everything comepleted on time, and I have!! At least, I did, until Vera decided to suck and have tension problems. I don't have a back up machine and I am a 25 year old with equally young friends who don't sew. There aren't any "borrow-able" machines in my life, so I'm trying to make do, but I didn't plan on all the unpicking February would bring and I've gotten behind; WAY behind.

Now that the wedding is over and there aren't hair pieces or center pieces or decorations to make, I am feeling the pressure to complete all my other February commitments, which include a Candyland block for Beejeebers Bee (not started), a pouch for Mouthy Stitches (completed but I am too embarassed to send it to my partner for fear she will hate it and my credibility will be ruined, so I need to start over), my sister's birthday gift (her birthday is the 24th and I'm not even half finished), and my mystery project (almost finished, but it's a big-un and I don't think I will have it finished before February is over). I'm not including the things that can wait, like my QAL blocks which I LOVE making but don't have the time to do.

Life will slow down in March. I will have my man back and our little family will begin to function again properly and all the one-time stresses (Mouthy Stitches, Erika's wedding, birthdays, etc) will be things of the past. That's why I signed up for so much to begin with. I knew it would only be crazy RIGHT NOW and that I would be able to make it through. I'm just struggling to get there.

I hope you all don't mind my stress-induced pity party. I love you all and want to create the very best for you, but to get caught up, I think it will be best if I take a day or two off to focus all my energy on catching up.

Also, thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! I took my car in to the shop, went to lunch with my mom and a dear family friend, I got dinner with my OTHER soon-to-be-wed friend, Melody, so we could talk wedding and decorations and life, and I rounded out the evening teaching yet another friend how to sew. She's getting a sewing machine for her birthday next week and wanted to learn a few little tid bits before deciding on the perfect machine. Oh yeah! And my super sweet, awesome mom came over for an hour and helped me clean my house a bit. It was a productive day! Just my kind!

Love you all. See you in a couple days!



  1. Just breathe...... take a minute in the garden and let go of the things that don't matter and prioritise the ones that will make you happy.....

    Sounds easy doesn't it??? I know how totally hard it can be, we sound similar in our 'take on too much' style. I am envious of your energy and youthfulness..... take it from an old git that sometimes it's OK to say no, or let things go..... and be kind to yourself over these tricky weeks xxx

  2. Take it easy honey-bun, write a list in priority order and work down it - those ticks are the ultimate feel-good - trust me! xxx

  3. One step at a time....only think about one project at a time too. It helps me to not fell overwhelmed, well sometimes anyway!

  4. I bet your pouch is perfect and your Mouthy Stitches secret partner will love it!

  5. Hey girl! Don't stress out! (Especially about my block!! I really just want you to have fun with it! Don't worry about being all fancy - JUST HAVE FUN!!!)

    Anyway, I have given you a Liebster award for your awesome blog!! Stop by mine for deets!

  6. Don't stress sweetie!! One thing at a time :)
    Maybe one of your friend's mums have a machine you could borrow??

  7. Aw Danny! One foot in front of the other and do what you can in the time you have - Make sure you breathe and take a few minutes for "me time" - though you're stressing, it'll help! Rest easy, you're an amazingly talented person and your credibility will be safe!!

  8. Wow! I can see why you are feeling stressed! Just take it one step at a time and you'll get it done! I'm a new follower from the blog hop!

  9. Oh! I hear you! If I could just give up that silly sleeping habit that I haven't quite kicked I'd be in grea shape.

    Always a happy follower here.

    Hope you stop by today and checkout a giveaway and a photography class I have going on :0)

  10. I just pinned your sign and I can so relate, I raised three kids with a full time job. Hang in there! I have been blog hopping on the Grow you Blog Hop for two days and I am loving it. I have met so many amazing and talented people. I am following you and would love a follow back.

    My Turn (for us)

    Thanks, I enjoyed the visit.

  11. Hey Danny, just 8 more days...breath and relax. No sewing project is worth stressing over...this is coming from the ultimate stress mama! I hope it all settles when Brent is done with his class and test.

  12. Chill dude. None of us live in a quilt vortex, if you can't get it done on time thats ok. Just email partners and let them know, no one will mind and if they do, they kinda suck anyway! The only thing that I personally saw in that list is the birthday present. All else can wait.

  13. Hi! I am a new follower from the Blog Hop. Nice blog! Hope that you'll stop by sometime and maybe follow along, too!!

  14. Sounds crazy. Maybe try making day to day schedules. I always make a to do list at the start of a day, this helps me a lot as I seem to be very forgetful sometimes.

  15. hey danny do not stress you will get there in the end you can be late no one will mind x x x

  16. What a sweet hubby you have..don't stress though. Take it a day at a time. I love your cute blog:>

    Also I am Visiting from the blog hop. Now following your cute blog. Would love for you to stop by and say hi!

  17. Breathe! Don't forget to breathe! It will get done, work through in a logical order, and hide away all temptations from elsewhere (I had a January like this, and my dad has no idea how close I came to putting the phone down on him after telling him where to go one day!)

  18. I'm so glad you are taking some time off!!! How funny you and your sister are so close in birthdays. And congratulations on Brent's promotion. That is awesome!

  19. sounds like there is a lot going on in your life!!
    Good luck to your husband!
    and i hope you have a relaxing enjoyable weekend.


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