Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Interview with Jennie at Clover and Violet

Jennie is the daughter of a mother/daughter blogging/creating team! Their creations are so adorable and just PRETTY for lack of a better adjective. I use that word a lot to describe different things, but I really mean it when I look at their beautiful creations. I especially love how they incorporate embroidery to make their art even PRETTIER!!! Their blog is refreshing and along with great pictures of their creations, they share about their lives, meaning we get to see their sewing rooms!! Brave women! I now introduce you to Jennie, living in California, USA!

Embroidery 101: Close up of Washed BlockHello!  I'm Jennie and I blog with my mom over at Clover & Violet.  Thanks Danny for inviting us to be part of this series.

Q: Who are you?

A: As I already stated, we're a mother/daughter team living in Virginia and California respectivly {thank you army!}, and we blog our creative endeavors together at Clover & Violet.  We primarily quilt, sew, and embroider, creating fun things and selling the patterns online in our shop.

Even though we live far apart, our joint shop and blog {and love of fabric!} helps us to keep our relationship strong over the thousands of miles that separate us.  Just like many other quilters {and crafters of all kinds} we are enjoying the fact that the internet really does make this a small world!

DQS10 - Close UpQ: What do you create?

A: We create a wide variety of things, mostly with fabric and thread, but are probably most known for our quilted bag patterns and our embroidery stitch and quilt alongs.  We also dabble in knitting, crochet, web design, and are both learning photography.  So, I guess you could say we try a little bit of a lot of different things, but our hearts still belong to fabric!

Q: Why do you create?

A: Hmm, this is actually kind of a difficult question to answer.  I think most people who create things would tend to agree, it's something we have to do.  It's just part of who we are and what we do.

I'll also venture to say that, once one starts creating something, it is kind of contagious and one has to make more and more things!

Q: Do you sell your creations?  If so, how? Where? And is it profitable?

Stash Project: Sweetness QuiltA: Yes, we do!  You can visit our shop here for instant pdf downloads, or our Etsy shop here, if you prefer to work through Etsy {the patterns are still pdfs, but they're e-mailed as soon as we receive your purchase}.  Our patterns are also sold through select retailers, see the list here.  We've found that in this digital market, pdf patterns are the easiest way to go, since they can be received instantly, don't require shipping, and are never out of stock.

As far as profitable, I guess that depends on what one considers profit.  We're pleased with our sales, but they could always be better!  We initially started selling finished products, but it seems that in the age of Walmart and Target, people were expecting quality items at discount prices.  We still have the occasional customer that thinks they're buying a finished, handmade bag for the cost of the pattern, not realizing we cannot even buy the supplies for that price!

Q: What mistakes have you made or lessons have you learned?

the Ruby market tote: Stitch & Quilt AlongA: Well, first, see above!  :)  Also, I think we've learned to allow our shop and blog to evolve as we learn and grow as crafters and artists.  Don't allow yourself to get stuck in a rut of thinking just because you started in one place you have to keep on that path.

We started out making and selling baby blankets and crib sets.  However, I think if you took a peek around our blog and shop today, you'll find something totally different.  However, if we hadn't started with baby things, we wouldn't have realized that mom's want patterns for cute diaper bags...and we wouldn't have started down the amazing path we're on now!

Q: What {to you} is success?  Have you achieved it?

A: Well, success to us is just our continued growth, enjoyment of our projects, and our time spent together, so I'd venture to say we've acheived success.  Granted, there's always room for greater success, and I think we may be on our way to that too.  Every time we sell a pattern or see a project from one of our tutorials, we enjoy a little bit more success.

Q: What's next?

A:  Well, you'll just have to wait and see...no, really, we're working on some new patterns for the shop, a new embroidery quilt along to begin mid to late February, and, of course, more fun tutorials.  We plan to just continue to grow our shop and blog and share our love of quilting, sewing, and embroidery with whoever is interested!

How cute are Clara and Jennie?! Thank you again, ladies, for being interviewed for Creating Success Around the World.

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  1. This is a really great idea .I love reading what other people have been doing with their crafting. I'm still starting out, but hopefully by the end of this year I'll have done something big with it.

  2. Jenny and Clara sound like a great team - and those pictures of their work are beautiful! Thanks for introducing them to us Danny - I'm off to check out their site now!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. Thank you, I loved reading your interview with Jennie, and discovering more about Clover and Violet! They produce some really beautiful designs!
    Helen x


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