Friday, February 10, 2012

Things I Loved This Week

If you're looking for the pouch {giveaway}, go here. If you're looking for the Fugly Fabric {giveaway}, go here. Remember, today is the last day to enter both giveaways!

Ok... Brent showed me Photo Booth on the Mac... I don't think he knows what he started!

This one's my favorite!

Wall-E. Just love this movie. The people at Disney are geniuses.

Scramble with Friends. I don't mean to brag, but I'm pretty awesome at it.

Pearls. This image is from Poppyseed Fabrics, but I think Intrepid Thread has them too. I don't have ANY of these. If anyone is feeling generous, I love gifts! Did I mention my birthday is coming up?!

This face.

This cheese. With Whole Wheat Ritz crackers. SO YUM!

Maureen's lucky pants for getting this awesome Washi Tape 241. *drool*



  1. Oh so funny photographs! And I must have a go at making that bag.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. The Photo Booth photos are hilarious! The second one cracks me up the most, because it makes you all look like Pixar characters! Love the purse too.

  3. love the photobooth on the mac! it's serious hours of enjoyment!

  4. Ha! I ordered the Washi Tape too! But instead of blue, I got the black. Hopefully for Owen's quilt.

    Pics were hilarious!

  5. Heh, well that was an eclectic selection :oD

  6. LOL! I love playing around with photo booth,never thought of posting it tho :)

  7. Photo booth is so fun. Love these photos. I have the 241 pattern and still need to make it.


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