Monday, February 27, 2012


Two posts. I know. I know.

I just really wanted to share with you that I have moved to using Bloglovin as my reader. Since Google Friend Connect is going to be disappearing for a lot of us starting March 1st, I thought it best to move things over now. I have posted a link at the very top of my sidebar that you can click to follow me in Bloglovin.

I am usually resistant to change, but I have to say, it was REALLY easy to import all my blogs from Google Reader into Bloglovin and I LOVE how the blog roll looks! It's so much bigger and brighter and once you've read a blog, it makes it lighter so you know you've already hit that post for the day! Super user friendly! I'm looking forward to using it.

So, for any of you who follow non-Blogger blogs, you will have to find a new way to keep on top of all their new posts before March 1st. If you choose to use Bloglovin, don't forget to click my link on the right to follow me too!



  1. I must say, I'm rather confused by all this GFC stuff! Personally, I don't use it. I used to but it got out of hand for me so I stopped doing GFC altogether (I mean, I still have it up on my blog for others to use, but I don't use it to follow blogs). I subscribe manually in google reader to whatever I want to follow. I'm assuming I don't have to change anything if I don't want to?

  2. I added you to my blogloving reader list


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