Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lizzy House and her dresses

I would love to make some dresses.

For most of my married years, we've attended a weekend evening gathering at church. First we went Sunday nights. Then Saturday. We were the crew. We moved furniture. Unlocked doors. Got there before anyone else and stayed after they all left. We loved it, but it has finally come to a timely end. Now that we have a baby, giving up our Saturdays just isn't working, and being out super late, well, that's not really working for Miss Crabby Pants either. So now, we will start going back to church on Sunday mornings. All this time, I've worn jeans, ratty shirts, and you'd be lucky to catch me running around church with shoes on. Things are different on Sunday mornings. The climate changes. I wouldn't be shunned if I showed up in cut-off sweats and an ASU hoodie, but it's time to make a switch to dressing up and looking like a lady.

I've been creeping on Lizzy House's Instagram feed on the daily waiting for her to post some new, beautiful pictures of dresses she's made with her own fabrics. I even bought a few yards of Hello Pilgrim for my imagined Lizzy inspired dress, but I'm torn on which patterns I should try.

hello pilgrim dress
From Lizzy House's Flickr

hedgehog feet.
From Lizzy House's Flickr

She mentions a few patterns that she's used and I know the Washi by Made by Rae is all the rage right now. But what else? Are there any other tried and true patterns out there that are comfortable and fit well? Any with amazing directions???

I found this image on Pinterest:

I was looking up Anna Maria Horner, as usual, and came across this great dress. But is there a pattern associated with this great dress?! NO!

Or this one? It may have been drafted by her daughter? Or someone she knows??? It was on her blog a few years back, before I even knew who she was. Also pinned.

I have some sewing ideas pinned here, here and my crazy fashion sense pinned here.

So, have you made your own dresses? Have any pattern information you'd like to share?



  1. I made my prom dress and a light summer dress - and I'm not going to make a dress again - those patterns never fit me. So I spent more time changing the pattern than actually using the pattern. So it's really easier to buy a dress and change it (those usually don't fit either).
    Sorry that doesn't really sound encouranging ...

  2. I'm making a Wiksten tova right now (the top for this one with plans for a dress) and its really simple and well written. It's not a fitted dress though - I love Indian style hippy sort of clothes and it fits with that aesthetic. It may be worth checking out sis boom patterns, it sounds like they're really great from things I've read. That bottom one is a stunner!

  3. I can help you with the Innocent Crush ensemble. :) It's actually separates.

    The skirt pattern is available via Anna Maria Horner's blog for free (yay!) here: http://annamariahorner.blogspot.com/2011/02/flirting-issue.html

    The top is made using her Roundabout Dress and Slip pattern (which includes the top option): http://store.annamariahorner.com/rodrsl.html

    I haven't made either as I am a bit of a chicken when it comes to sewing clothing, but both look very easy to make (especially the skirt). Good luck!

  4. I love that last red and white dress - it looks like Jenelle has answered your queries...I was going to suggest you email her as I'm sure she would get back to you!

  5. There's a Sis Boom Rebecca Sew Sew A Long going on. Everyone seems to like the fact that you can take one size for the top and one size for the bottom. Maybe it's by Sara at Sew Sweetness who seems to be the queen of dressmaking.

    I understand your thought process. We just changed campuses (our church as 3) and the atmosphere seems to be a bit different (in a good way). I love dresses! Good luck!

  6. I have been wondering the same thing! I wanted to make a patchwork dress for QuiltCon, but wasn't sure what pattern to use. We should work on them together! I love love the one with no pattern :(

  7. I really rarely do dresses, especially now I know that I will never look like Sara - Sew Sweetness!! Good luck xxx

  8. Personally I'd avoid the Washi/Wikstens given your body shape, since they're 'hangy' and I don't think you need to look pregnant again ;o) The dress I had on briefly at SS is the Sis Boom Megan Peasant - just don't do what I did with the dress and believe that you need the larger top bit, when I did the peasant top version I used the middle one and that worked better. Anyway, they're easy and pretty quick to construct

  9. Sara has quite a few dresses on her blog (http://www.sewsweetness.com/) so you could look through those--she tends to like Kay Whitt's patterns (http://blog.sewserendipity.com/). That last dress is amazing!

  10. I have a few Serendipity Studio patterns that I am itching to try. I do highly recommend the Sew Serendipity book by Kay Whittle also. She goes into detail about customizing the fit of the patterns, and the tunic /dress is great too! Also, when looking for patterns, try to choose something similar in style to clothes you would normally wear. I find it is easier to know if the fit is working if you can compare it to something else you have tried on!

  11. Those are all beautiful! I have had good luck with Anna Maria's socialite dress and also the built by Wendy one 3835. The amh one has some hand stitching and takes a little bit longer, but still is very easy to sew. Plus I love pockets! Good luck!

  12. Did you ever find out what the last one was?


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