Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Such a Tease


Here you go Helen. Your tease! :)

It's taken me long enough, but this is my very FIRST block for my Stitch-Tease International Quilt Bee. It was "due" April 1st. I'm a little behind.

Truth be told, I've been crazy busy with TRAC and RFKC this year. Then, the day I bit the bullet and got a babysitter for Maze just so I could sew, my stupid, nasty, hateful vicious little Vera broke. Again. I am so frustrated. I've called the store a couple times and left messages to see when I could bring the machine in, but I haven't gotten a response. And I can't afford a new machine. And I can't quilt on my back-up machine (can't do much of anything on that little bugger Brother.) And I don't have friends with machines I can borrow. *sigh*

I have a couple WIPs left that I really wanted to get finished this week, as well as an awesome new little thingy-majiggy I am doing for Miss Rachael at Imagine Gnats but I can't start without a machine... *double sigh*

If any of you win the lottery, promise you'll buy me a new machine, ok? I'll even send you Vera so you can take a baseball bat to her!



  1. A lottery win gets you a new machine and a Stitch Tease get together at Annabella's in Marrakech! Love the baseball bat idea though.

  2. that block is lovely... but the machine bit stinks!! i'm emailing you right now with something that might help :)

  3. OOOOhhhhhh! Lovely ......so excited!!!!!!
    Sorry to hear about your machine - if you lived a little nearer (like not the other side of the world) I'd lend you one of mine....fingers crossed you get yours sorted xx

  4. That is terrible about your machine! Is there any way you could trade it in?!

  5. uh oh, i mean i'm only on the other coast, so feel free to drive over, i'll offer free babysitting so you can use my machine :)

  6. Well, drat and double drats. Hope you get it fixed!

  7. How to ruin a day ... fussy machine!!! Makes you want to drop kick it across the room. RATz...Hope you can get it repaired and soon.
    Love the foxy blocky...
    Keep Smiling!

  8. That's such a cute block! Just go down to the shop with Vera and refuse to leave until you are seen by someone! Be ruthless Danny!
    Sure I'll send you a new machine if I ever win (mind you have to buy a ticket first...) =D

  9. Oh that sounds terrible! I'll definitely get you that Janome Horizon if I ever hit the big bucks!

  10. I'd lend you my Bernina if I lived closer (!) it's not getting used at all here! Love the foxy lizzy house goodness :o)


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