Friday, June 15, 2012

Indian Summer Mystery Charm Swap

So my friend Jenelle hosted the Orange/Aqua/Grey Mystery Charm Swap a while back (for which she chose AWESOME fabrics, BTW) and has decided that she would like to host another mystery charm swap. Enter Danny who always has an opinion and BAM! The new theme was created. She will be choosing fabrics to create an "Indian Summer" themed color swap with rich hues like Purple, Magenta, Cerulean, and Spice. These colors are right up my alley, being bright and jewel-toned, and the patterns will be bold and exotic. How fun, right?

Seriously, guys. I'm REALLY excited about this one!

Here is the official button and some general information about the swap:

This is a Mystery Charm Swap format, so Jenelle will be selecting the fabric, cutting the charms, and sorting the packs all under the utmost secrecy. :) The idea is to surprise you with a collection of fabulous charms based on a theme. All you need to do in order to participate is to sign-up and buy in via Paypal.

Sign-ups will start WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20TH AT 1:00PM PST and will be open until the swap is full.

Jenelle will send confirmation e-mails to all of the participants once the last spot is filled.

Paypal Payments will be due by July 1st (at the latest).

Charms will be winging their way to you by the end of July.

Wednesday's sign-up post will have more information about the swap details.

So what is Indian Summer exactly? Jenelle's plan is to be less rigid about creating a true rainbow of colors for this swap and instead focus on selecting a range of jewel toned colors and prints that compliment each other and also feel summery. How gorgeous! Here is an example of some of the prints and colors that would fit her Indian Summer vision: 

Just like last time, Jenelle will be partnering with the fabulous Pink Chalk Fabrics for round two and will be selecting all of the fabrics for this swap from their wonderful online inventory. They have a great selection of prints, solids, and blenders that will help to round out our charm packs nicely. :)

Pink Chalk Fabrics Logo


Oh yeah. I've already signed up. Perk of coming up with the theme.

Jenelle has a little more information on her site as well as a vote going on for how many charm squares she should include in each charm pack. Head over now and vote! Then, keep an eye out for sign-ups which will be right around the corner!

What are you going to make with your ah-mazingly beautiful Indian Summer Mystery Charm Pack?


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  1. Such a great theme! I hope I make the sign-ups on time =D


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