Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thoughts on Tastebook?

I have a huge collection of recipes I love that I have been collecting and archiving in a binder I keep in the pantry of my kitchen. This works well for me because it gets my computers away from the kitchen (I get lots of recipes from Pinterest!) and because I store them in clear, plastic report covers, it keeps the recipes clean of cooking spatter.

My family has a collective Tastebook.com account. Basically, it's an online database that allows you to store, sort and share your recipes online. I absolutely love having all the family recipes in one place and it has made it easy to just pop into the account to copy/paste a recipe into an email for a friend.

I use far more recipes than can be housed on this little blog. Every so often I try to share one with you all, but the truth is, I could have this blog just be a food blog and probably have a new recipe every couple of days without duplicates. I really love to cook (and eat!) but I can't just bombard you all with food posts everyday for the next year just so I can get them all on my blog, so here's my thought: I could create a personal Tastebook.com account and post my library of recipes there.

The only problem with Tastebook.com is you must also have a Tastebook.com account in order to see my recipes. We become friends, a la Facebook, and then we can share our recipes with each other. So my question is this:

Would you do that?



  1. I signed up = still figuring out how it works! But so far I found a delicious recipe I am going to try...maybe this afternoon even! :D

  2. I have a Tastebook account and had family recipe books printed and gave one to each of the kids. But your idea for sharing recipes is great.

  3. Yes, I would sign up for sure! I am always on the lookout for new recipes!

  4. I would do it. Sounds interesting, and I really enjoy seeing what you're cooking...

  5. I have tastebook...love it. Would friend ya!

  6. Yes! This sounds interesting! Are you a part of the recipe email exchange that Beth started? I think you are, but I can't remember.

  7. I think that the clear plastic cover is a really good idea for the recipe book. Our printer is in the kitchen, and we really do not like that. I had not heard of tastebook before, it sounds like a great way to share ideas and tips in the kitchen.

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