Monday, April 15, 2013

The Big Reveal!

I am so excited to show you all my new quilt top! Over the past year or so, I have participated in Stitch Tease: An International Mystery Quilt Bee. Basically, we each made a block or strip for each of the other members based off our inspiration boards on Flickr.

Stitch Tease Inspiration

I was already in a few bees when I agreed to join this one so I wanted to keep things easy for my bee mates. I asked for each member to make me their favorite blocks to put together in a strip for my ginormous quilt. My inspiration board was made up of my favorite techniques from Flickr from way back when we started this adventure.

We each chose a fabric to be our "signature" and we had to use it in each block we made. I chose this Cloud 9 organic Across the Pond print:


I started my quilt top with a row of appliqué, my favorite sunburst block and some scrappy butterfly blocks I made. Butterflies are my favorite.

Stitch Tease Starter Strip

Once I made my starter strip, I mailed it off to another bee mate. In order to keep costs low, we each created our blocks and mailed it to the person who would put all our creations together into one, cohesive quilt top to be mailed to the final recipient.

We were only allowed to share teasers of each block we made making the final project a complete surprise!

Here it is: my quilt top!!

Stitch Tease Final Quilt for Me!!!

I window stalked my poor mail lady everyday for weeks waiting for my quilt top to arrive. The day I opened my mailbox and saw a brown package inside, I squealed. Just a little. I couldn't hardly handle the short, 20 yard walk back into my house so I could cut it open. And then I opened up this beauty!! I was overwhelmed. My wonderful friends created a beautiful quilt top for me. I immediately hung it up on my Ikea curtain rod quilt rack I hung up in my room specifically for this quilt!

Here is a list of who made each row on my quilt, and as an added bonus, I've included a link to each of their blogs where they are each sharing their finished quilt tops today too!

Susan made the first row (top down). I love the bright colors and the awesome, inverted design. She incorporated lots of bits from my inspiration board.

Hadley made the second row. Um, freaking AMAZING FLYING GEESE?! I love the scrappiness. Plus, I've never made a Flying... Goose? Geese? Goosen? (Any Brian Regan fans will get that last one)

Di made the third row. I LOVE the polaroids! I've been infatuated with the design since I very first saw it, and what's better, she fussy cut images of some of her favorite things to make the blocks! Tea. Library. Flowers. It's just so special.

Helen made the fourth row. I have had this weird obsession with wonky stars lately. I make them all. the. time. So I love having this great wonky star row full of bright colors and solids. It's perfect!

Annabella made the fifth row. She has such a recognizable color palette and I knew this row was from her straight away! I love her use of Tula and AMH and that she made each block different. Her blocks have inspired me to try some new designs.

Katy made the sixth row. She chose a block I'd never seen before this quilt, but totally love! She used the same design for all her blocks, making one in each of six different colors. It's such a pretty row and I love the fabrics she chose.

Dianne made the seventh row. I was shocked when I saw those paper pieced stars! I was dying. For reals. I LOVE paper pieced blocks, but lack much confidence in my own paper piecing (not that I've actually ever had any issues with it). Again, I love that each block is different.

I made the eighth row.

Stitch Tease Final Quilt for Me!!!

I cannot express in words how much I appreciate my beemates for the work and love they put into each row of my quilt. It's funky and lovely and perfect. I couldn't have been more excited with how it turned out. Each row reminds me of each of them, which is exactly what I was hoping for.




  1. It's funky, it's eclectic, it's fun and it's very you! It does look great Danny and I'm so happy you love it and super proud to have contributed to it!

  2. I can see why - it's such a gorgeous quilt top! So you. So, obvious jess question - how are you going to quilt it?

  3. Ps love the blog redesign!

  4. Danny, I always wondered how so many disparate blocks would come together in a quilt top and I am amazed! It is just more stunning than I could ever have imagined. I am so pleased to have been able to be a small part of it.

  5. Oh Danny. That is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen. If nothing else convinces me to join a bee, this is it. I LOVE it.

  6. I freaking LOVE this! I love a quilt with serious colour! Awesome team effort.

  7. Gorgeous!! So bright and fun :)


  8. Danny it is just fabulous! So cool and a little funky and I love it all. Wish I were closer so I could pop over and see it in person!

  9. Annabella said it's funky, it's hip, it's even a bit quirky and eclectic and it has your name written all over it. I love this conglomerate of blocks by all the talented women in our bee. It was a pleasure to have you as part of it and we will miss you in round 2 ...but at least I know I can still see you in person once and a while.

  10. Love it!
    Certainly unique. What a memory :)

  11. It really turned out great didn't it?. Right up until I put it together I just couldn't imagine how it would work..but it looks really great!!!

  12. I love that you put a rail up just for us lol It looks great all together, a totally unique sampler style quilt

  13. It looks fabulous in our bedroom! Danny, I'm sorry you are leaving us in the next round. Thanks for my lovely quilt

  14. Gorgeous.. so creative, and I love the bright colors..

  15. It looks so brilliant, and I have to admit, I didn't see that coming!! Looks so perfect there xxx

  16. This is a wonderful quilt, and the rows sure work well together!

  17. Gorgeous quilt by some really tale tented people

  18. Truly beautiful! I love the variety of blocks and the colours. You and your bee mates did a wonderful job.

  19. I follow all your blogs and have been eagerly awaiting these reveals. Your final product is gorgeous. It really suits you and your home. You are very lucky girls to know each other and have made such good friends.


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