Wednesday, November 9, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday: Satan's Quilt

I'm going to be honest: I spent most of the day playing with Mazer so my WIP is still needing a LOT more progress.

Notice how dark? Yeah. That's because I was playing and forgot to take a picture earlier in the day for this post! With the sun going down so early now, I'm having a hard time taking decent pictures, especially since my house is so dark anyway!

This is a quilt/blanket I started for Clara before she was born (talk about a LONG WIP...) I'm pretty sure this blanket was touched by the Devil himself because every time I work on it, something goes wrong and I just have to put the thing away before I shove it into our heavy duty shredder! I have sewn the blocks backwards, the border backwards, cut some blocks too small, forgotten to zig zag the satin edges and had them just slide right out of the quilt top... etc. I really don't want to reminisce on all the terrible this blanket has brought with it. And in case you're wondering, I keep calling the thing a blanket because I gave up on batting, so there won't be any real quilting. This is probably a good thing considering we live in the Arizona desert and it was in the 90s last week. Batting might be too hot for this little blanket. So, what I thought would be a quick little quilt Clara could play on and snuggle with, has turned into a fabric monster. I really don't know if I will keep it once it's finished. I might give it away and let it curse someone else's home, but we'll see.

I need to topstitch the edges and add some little stitches to hold the front and back together (no quilting though) in order to finish this little twerp. Almost finished!

So, as you can see, working on the pink little Quilt of Satan wasn't in the cards today. Instead, Clara and I played with her dolly and visited her grandma Brenda and great-grandma Euple.

Isn't she sweet? So content, always.


  1. She`s so so sweet and I am the queen of long WiPs but I am getting a little better! Your quilt is going to be beautiful!

  2. Thanks Annabella! I need to work on finishing things I start instead of throwing them to the side when I get frustrated!


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