Sunday, November 27, 2011


I am not Thanksgiving's greatest fan.

Actually, to be honest, I generally dread Thanksgiving. It's a holiday of stress after the yams have burnt and of anger when the wrong pie is served and of those awkward moments with people you are forced into a room with because you are somehow related to them, but share nothing more in common than alleles with. I'm jaded from years of uncomfortable ruffles, kids tables, and white meat turkey. Let's put this down on record: dark meat is SO much better than light.

In recent years, I have spent Thanksgiving with Brent's family. Once married or seriously dating, people often find themselves torn between two or more family functions at the holidays. Luckily enough for us, as aforementioned, I have always hated Thanksgiving so I had no qualms about spending Thanksgiving with Brent's family and Christmas with mine. Thanksgivings with Brent have slowly brought me out of my fiery pit of Thanksgiving hatred ala Chandler Bing and into a more comfortable and appealing Turkey Day state. I'm not forced to sit at the kids table anymore. I don't have to make small talk with people I don't know. There is no more polyester!!! Our Thanksgivings now are cozy, spent with family and friends. There are still the family pictures and the occasional awkward moment, but taking time to celebrate and just be together makes all those other moments worthwhile.

Before going to Brent's parents' house, we drove out to my uncle's house to see MY close family. I wish I had pictures, but my MOTHER didn't share her's with me, so I'll have to get those another time. My uncle got a new house. Gorgeous!

Anyway, here are some of the photos of our little shindig at the Heyen house:

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