Friday, November 4, 2011

Band Tees

I love music.
Not just 'like'.

My love affair with music began in high school, as it does for many people. I started collecting t-shirts from concerts I attended and ended up with hundreds.

Then I married a musician...

resulting in many more t-shirts.

Sadly, I grew (blame it on college and working full time and not knowing how to cook for myself and my new husband) and I had to give my smaller shirts away. My sister was just starting to listen to music, so I gave them to her to wear when she started high school. While some of the bands weren't popular anymore, she earned some street cred for advertising bands that had long been forgotten. It took a couple more years to convince her to actually LISTEN to the music created by the names on her shirts, but that's an entirely different story.

Anyway, high school has passed for her as well and in order to make room for her growing business-wear collection, she has returned some of the shirts to me.

My husband and I looked through them, reminicing on days when we felt the only way to enjoy a concert was to be in the front row and Chris Carrabba's shoes were close enough to touch. We decided we couldn't part with these memories, so I decided to make a quilt of them.

I'm super stoked. For reals.

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