Thursday, March 14, 2013


Sometimes I like to make things.

elephant softie

Pattern: Tilly and Tommy Elephant Softie by Retro Mama
Fabric: Constellations by Lizzy House

Putting together this elephant was a breeze. I originally bought the pattern because Clara loves elephants and I thought it would make a great toy. Then the pattern sat, forever, filed away, until this week when I decided I needed a quick finish. I busted this out in a couple hours while watching Wreck It Ralph with the fam-bam.

I'll be making more of these, for sure.



  1. Poor wee heffalump being neglected so long, glad he's finally found his purpose in life!

  2. Theres a really cute free pattern on the michael miller site. It has a blanket and all!

  3. YAY for softies!! I just love that tail. haha! :)

  4. so cute, the little wee guy with the pearl bracelet ears


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