Sunday, March 3, 2013

Meal Plan 3/3 - 3/8

There seemed to be an interest among commenters to see my meal plan each week so I will start sharing more frequently.

After assessing my ingredients, I had a fairly small grocery list for this week. As I mentioned in my last meal planning post I usually have one expensive week and one cheap week.

I spent $75.77. I wasn't kidding when I said I could guess the cost!

Here are this week's recipes:

Sunday: Minestrone I made this one a couple weeks back and still have left over Parmesan rind to use up. This is a perfect end of week meal because it gives me a chance to toss in any veggies that are on the verge of spoiling. This week, I will be adding lots of carrots, zucchini and spinach.
Monday: Potato and Leek Soup This is a recipe I had planned for last week, but my parents invited us over for pizza (on their dime!) so, of course, we said yes! Since I still have the ingredients, I will make this early in the week.
Tuesday: White Pizza with homemade pizza crust I don't have a recipe for this pizza and I've never made it before. The plan is to make the pizza dough, brush is with EVOO and some crushed garlic, top with spinach, dollops of ricotta and some yummy mozz. Maybe I'll toss in a little fresh oregano to give it a little extra flavor.
Wednesday: Black bean burritos. I'm going to wing this one too. Black beans, sautéed yellow onion, diced, lettuce, tomato, monterrey jack cheese. Mix together and fill whole wheat tortillas. Cover with green chile enchilada sauce and bake on 350F until cheese has melted (about 15 mins should do it). Again, no recipe. Just using up ingredients before they go bad.
Thursday: Spinach Strawberry Salad I already have some dressing to use and won't add chicken.
Friday: Left overs and planning day.

For lunches this week, we will be eating peanut butter and honey (all natural and picked up last week at the grocery store), tortilla chips with salsa/guacamole, whole wheat quesadillas, and as always, we will have fruit and veggie smoothies. Breakfasts will be eggs and turkey bacon (before they go bad) and fresh oatmeal with berries.

I also plan to make broccoli and asparagus for side dishes/snacks this week.

Monday I will order my next Bountiful Basket for pick-up on Saturday. Check their webpage to see if there is a pick-up site near you!



  1. We're having black bean burrito bowls this week! That pizza sounds so good!

  2. Hope you're not overloaded with potatoes again with your basket!

  3. I'm doing a More healthy March and am working on pre-planning things as well. I think it's great to hear what other people do with meals/money/planning/recipes. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I'm so bad at planning meals. It's boring to cook for one. Glad you're sharing your meal plans though--maybe it will inspire me. :)

  5. I'm getting my first Bountiful Basket on Saturday in Plano, TX!!!


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