Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Blogger's Choice Bundle!!

It took a lot of time, but I finally got a good board put together. I bring you, Danny's Awesomely Fantastic Fabric Bundle for Fat Quarter Shop!

1. Palladium Gray Gridlock
2. Domestic Bliss Aqua with Cream Beaded Curtain
3. Safari Sweet Organic Dark Orange Solid
4. Etchings Woven Charcoal Dash Stripe
5. Little Apples Aqua Leaves
6. Whimsy Yellow Flower Mosaic
7. Little Apples Aqua Sweater Check
8. Fairy Tale Friends Aqua Twinkle Twinkle
9. Promenade Yellow Dots
10. Sorbet Aqua Spa Ikat
11. Kona Cotton Windsor
12. Bella Solids 30's Yellow
13. Annie's Farm Stand Orange Ring Dings
14. Coming Home Peacock Blue Barn Siding
15. Circa 52 Organic Shroom Tree Stripes

I'm linking up at Quokka Quilts right now!



  1. Great bundle! I would totally make a quilt with that. I love the orange in there.

  2. Argh, another good one. The more I see, the harder I'm finding this lol

  3. Yes, I love the orange!! But mostly I love that Tree Stripes print at the bottom right!!! :)

  4. Wooohoo!!! Grey and orange are so in! Good luck girl!!!

  5. I really like your bundle choices. I'd buy them.


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