Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Big time stash score!

As I know I've mentioned to some of you, there really aren't any fabric stores out here that sell modern designer fabric (or if there are, I don't know of them). The one store I've found that sells some of my favorite patterns is a bolt end/remnant shop and you literally have to rummage through PILES of fabric to find anything good. I, the lucky little lady that I am, scored HUGE today. Look at my pretties!

I know, right?! SO awesome! I can't wait to make some fancy little things with these babies!

I didn't get to work too much on my projects today thanks to my brother's history teacher... I don't want to say mean things about the woman, but I'm just guessing the students aren't learning much about history from her latest assignment. He had to make a doll of Cornwallis from the American Revolution. We whipped this guy up in about an hour and a half! Not bad! Not, great, but it should get him a good grade!

We even gave him a ponytail!

And in completely unrelated news, our neighbors decided to add music to their light display this year and I can't hear my TV over the noise! I can only hear a ting-y version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer so many times in one night! I'm going crazy!


  1. Enjoy your stash additions and I love the dolly!!

  2. Oh that fabric is gorgeous! You are kinda in my area of town...what store did you find all that at? I too hate how there are NO great fabric stores around here!

  3. Have you seen Deck the Halls??? I hated that movie, specifically because I'm a super light sleeper and if there is any sort of noise and night, it keeps me up until it's gone. I don't sleep very well. Anyway, LOVE the fabric!!!!


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