Friday, August 19, 2011


One thing I've been told over and over again is to continue doing whatever you liked to do before baby, after baby. Perhaps this is to stave off boredom and perhaps it's a way to help mommy keep her sanity, either way, crafting is much cheaper than therapy. So, in order to please Confucius (or whoever it was who blessed me with this little tidbit of wisdom) I started making plans for new and magnificent sewing projects today.

The first rule of sewing is that you must have an enormous stash of amazing fabric at your disposal, always (Ok. The Sewing Bible may not actually list that as the most important rule of sewing, but it's the one I've convinced Brent is most important and it leads to him buying me fabric, so deal.) Anyway, I have a multitude of projects that I've had whizzing around in my brain for the past months; things I would like to make Clara, things I would like to make myself, things I would like to make even though I know they will probably end up in the bin for Savers... And all of these projects require new fabric, so that's what we did today. We went fabric shopping as a family!

Now, as you might imagine, Brent is none too fond of fabric shopping, so I had to shop at warp speed. I was amazed at the deals I found!

I discovered all these goodies at Wal-Mart in their $1.50 bin. There is just no beating their clearance rack for fabric, aside from maybe finding treasures at SAS, but that takes a lot of time and fighting lightrail traffic. I am thinking these would work great for a simple patchwork quilt. I have one that I LOVE from Urban Outfitters, but it's dry clean only... and I don't follow directions well. Let's just say I don't think it will be around much longer.

These beauties were remnants on clearance at JoAnn's. Now normally I don't come across many fabulous finds at JoAnn's, but today Fate was smiling down on me. It was as if the clouds parted and the angels sang leading me straight to beautiful sale fabrics. I have some special things in mind for these babies, but I'll post more about those when I actually get around to making them.

Clara was perfectly peachy on our outing. I strapped her in my little Beco harness and toted her around the stores. I got a few smiling faces directed toward my little girl and a few scathing glares directed at me, no doubt for taking her out in public so early, but we had a great time! I think she's going to be my partner in crime and hopefully she'll learn the art of the puppy dog eyes early on so we can go cause a ruckus with daddy's credit card!

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