Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I need your help

Last summer I asked for your help in making some small, handmade items for our launch of Teen Reach Adventure Camp. Camp was a huge success and the thing the girls talked about most?? The amazing, personal, handmade pillowcases and zippered pouches they each received. These tiny items meant so much more to these kids in foster care than we ever though possible, so this year, we are going to try to share that special love with the 2013 TRAC campers.

For more information, please visit my previous posts:

Background information and tutorials for drawstring bags and zipper pouches
Pillow case request and tutorials

This year we need 20 pillowcases, 11 zipper pouches, and 10 drawstring bags for the boys camp. If you could help make one or more of these items, I would be so very grateful. I need all the items shipped to me by June 30th at the very latest to give me time to make any items that do not get donated.

Please comment on this post letting me know what you are able to make and send (I am in AZ, USA) and I will update this post to let everyone know which items still need to be claimed. If you are a no-reply blogger, please also leave your email address so I can contact you.

Thank you all so much!

Pillowcases: (for girls)

1. Edy B
2. Edy B
3. Will Cook For Shoes
4. Limbania
5. Di
6. Steph
7. Gabrielle Robles
8. Ruth D
9. Ruth D
10. Ruth D
11. Ruth D
12. Ann Bixler
13. Ann Bixler
14. Tiffany
15. Tiffany
16. Jennifer
17. Jennifer

Zipper pouches: (for girls)

1. Hadley
2. Julie
3. Julie
4. Bonnie
5. Bonnie
6. Linh
7. Linh
8. Gabrielle Robles
9. BAAMbi7
10. BAAMbi7
11. Sue
12. Sue
13. Angie Sue
14. Angie Sue
15. Tanya
16. Tiffany
17. Tiffany

Drawstring bags: (for boys)

1. Limbania
2. Jennifer
3. Ann Bixler
4. Ann Bixler
5. Ann Bixler
6. Beth
7. Jennifer
8. Jennifer
9. Jennifer



  1. I will make a pillowcase and bring it the weekend of June 8. See you then!

  2. drawstring pouch for me, at least one - what size/requirements you need?

  3. Will bring a pillowcase and a drawstring bag to the next PHXMQG meeting. :)

  4. By the way ^^ - I'm Trina at (sorry - my blog is not showing properly on Blogger).

  5. Aww, sorry, if it had been a longer time frame I'd have done something, but I go on holiday in 2 weeks and I've got my mum's birthday pressie and dad's father's day pressie + a tute to finish before then o.O

  6. Please put me down for two pillowcases. I will let you know if I can help with the other items, as needed.
    I'm happy that you are doing this again...good for you!

  7. I can do three drawstring bags and two pillowcases. I assume these are the same drawstring bags we made in the Jan meeting of PMQG. Ann Bixler

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  10. I can make two zipper pouches! pls send me an email with your address, I'll miss the next two phxmqg mtgs :( Bonnie

  11. I can make one pillowcase. Thanks!

  12. I can make one pillowcase & one pouch.

  13. I can make a couple of zipper pouch but definitely let me know if you need more later on.

  14. I can make 2 zippy pouches...will plan to bring them to the June meeting at Scrapbook Etc.
    Sue Hayman

  15. Count me in for 2 zip pouches please

  16. I'd be happy to make 2 zipper pouches if you still need them - just shoot me back and email with your address/where to send them (and I'm a little confused about whether you need them for boys or girls). What fun!

  17. Hi Danny - I'll do a zippy pouch for you x

  18. It looks like your list might not be updated? If it is, let me know if the pillow form is included or just need the 20x20 pillow. If no pillow form is needed (I'd hate to try and ship those), I will make 2 pillows and 2 zip pouches. Let me know, by email, if they still need to be made and if your list is updated, etc etc.

    Hoping you find all the people you need to get these made!! :D

  19. Hi Danny--I just read Di's post, and would be happy to make at least one drawstring bag for the boys. I hope to make more, and will leave another note if I do.

    What a great idea. I'm going to spread the word on Twitter.

  20. Hi, just checking back in to see if you still need the zip pouches. Could you contact me or update the lists to let us know please?

  21. Hey zipper pouches are all finished and ready for you. I will bring them to the meeting on the 15th, unless you want me to mail them to you. let me know...Sue. Hayman

  22. I have the items for you, but I don't see an address to send them. Am I missing it on here?

  23. Hey Danny ready to send out my two pouches can you please email me your address


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