Monday, February 4, 2013

Mommy vs. The Chicken Head

Some mornings you have very important decisions to make. This was one such morning.

I woke up with massive chicken head. I have loads of errands to run. Conundrum.

Now, I could have taken a shower, but that would have meant leaving Maze to fend for herself for 10 whole minutes. Ten minutes of me being stuck in my little wet jail cell as I peek through the shower door at her pulling every piece of perfectly folded clothing from my dresser drawers and not being able to do anything about it. Ten minutes of her dancing around the bathroom stringing toilet paper along behind her. Ten minutes of her opening the bathroom cabinets and discovering mommy's secret treasure trove of eye shadows and lip glosses.

No. Not today. Today is a day for jeans and T shirts and ridiculous fuzzy boots that don't match anything but somehow work their way into every outfit I own.

Today's chicken head will be tamed by a hat.

Mommy vs Chicken Head



  1. You're hilarious - it's liberating when you can go have a shower without freaking about what's happening..takes a while to happen though. Love the selfie.

  2. Hat day for me today too! And oh I remember those days of having to strategically shower. I would often shower before bedtime, but that doesn't do anything good for morning hair!

  3. LOL Never heard of "chicken head," but now that you mention it, have definitely been there!

  4. Oh I always slap on a hat at the weekends, who can be bothered to wash hair just to hit the supermarket? ;o)

  5. At least you look good in a hat. I look horrid in a hat, luckily my kids are all grown now and I can shower worry free! :D Love your post you silly girl!

  6. I can't even remember what I used to do, my mind has chosen to put that in a deeply buried place!

  7. Love it! The pony tail and I are best friends (part of the reason I keep my hair long!). Though, my kids don't get into stuff while I'm showering, they just come in and pound on the shower door or lay on the bathroom floor while screaming.

  8. This is why I love you. You are so funny and so honest.

  9. Haha, I totally get where you're coming from - chaos always ensues when they know you can't do anything to stop it ;o)


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