Sunday, January 13, 2013

Scrap Flannel Baby Quilt

Once upon a time I bought a ridiculous amount of flannel from Jo-Anns and it sat, unused and unloved in a dusty old closet for years. Then, I took the doors off that closet and the flannel was seen with a new light! If only someone would have a baby, I could find a home where that flannel could be loved!!

Enter Reagan.

Reagan Flannel Scrap Quilt

This little lady got the crib bedding I showed you the other day as well as a shnazzy new Christmas stocking, along with her brother.

At my baby shower I received a great baby quilt. It was blue because the lady who gave it to me thought I was having a boy, but I didn't mind. It was pieced together with scraps of novelty children's flannels and tied with the softest yarn you could ever imagine. Like a unicorn's mane, I'm pretty certain. It was, and is, a great source of warmth and comfort for Mazer and I, especially during those late night feedings when we would cuddle together in the plush glider in her darkened room.

As you can imagine, I am someone who understands the intrinsic value of the handmade. This little blue baby quilt is among my most valued possessions.

Reagan Flannel Scrap Quilt

So how could I not make a scrappy flannel baby quilt for my friend? I hope it brings her just as much joy as ours has for us.

I tied it using some pearl cotton I had on hand and filled it with Warm and Natural I also had on hand. I had just taken it from the wash and just barely remembered to snap a couple pictures before I ran off to meet Reagan's mama and another friend for coffee. It isn't fancy. There's no crazy stitching or piecing. No real reason to take a billion fantastic and artistic shots. I just wanted to show you all something small that means a whole awful lot.



  1. What a great idea! I literally have bolts of flannel - all solids or baby-themed - that I bought from JoAnn's, too. I just need to take a day or two and sew it all up like you did. You're a genius! (that's what my hubby says to me every time I have an idea of any kind).

  2. It will be loved and that is what a quilt is all about.

  3. I love its simplicity - a perfect baby quilt :-)

  4. such bright and cheery colors! i was thinking about hand tying my scrap quilt (still waiting for fabric for the backside). i think that would be very relaxing as opposed to getting shoulder cramps from machine quilting. :) i'm sure the quilt will be well loved!

  5. Great idea! I've been eyeing up a layer cake of flannel and thinking it might just make something warm and snuggly...

  6. quick and easy make the best gifts. Everything you make is made with love


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