Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where has the time gone?

What a whirlwind.

It's hard to believe seven weeks have passed since I was rolling around my house on a giant medicine ball trying to imagine what my life would be like with a fragile, screaming bundle of baby. I was terrified. But now, here I am strolling about my house with ease, toting little Mazer with me everywhere I go. Some parts are more difficult than I thought they would be, like finding time to blog or sufficiently ready myself to leave the house. I'd be lying if I said my hygiene hasn't suffered! No fear, though. I shower before heading out to any place where people can smell me. Other parts are just as fabulous as I'd imagined, and many times, they're better. Like when she hears my voice and turns frantically to find me; and when we are all alone in her room at night, me, humming softly to her all her favorite songs and watching as she slowly closes her eyes as I rock her to sleep; and when she wraps her slender, little fingers around mine; and when she talks to me; and when she sleeps. All fabulous things.

She is awesome, and not in the 90s teenager, I-need-a-word-to-fill-in-my-conversation-because-I-don't-know-what-to-say "awesome", but in the I-am-literally-unable-to-move-because-I-am-so-in-awe-of-this-tiny-person "awesome". Whether she's severely crossing her eyes to focus on her fist or reaching up to grab a handful of her own hair (oh yes. That happened.), she continuously astounds me. She's determined to sit up when it's not time for that yet. She likes watching Psych almost as much as I do. She has great taste in music. She is awesome.

But enough about Clara and her awesome-ness. We have had so many accomplishments over the past few weeks, including successfully travelling with a newborn. Things got a little rough when she decided to poop so forcefully she ruptured her diaper (I really don't like Pampers. Anyone with me on that one?) but, we made it in one piece and with minimal stains. Thank goodness for Grandma Brenda and Grandpa Jim having a washer and dryer in their Oceanside condo!

One of Grandpa's favorite activities is watching the waves from the window and it seems Clara likes it too! She loves her grandpa.

And the lucky little lady almost never left Grandma's arms. She was quite spoiled the whole trip.

We took her everywhere! We don't drive in Oceanside. The weather is beautiful year round so we walk. I can't say enough how grateful I am to have been gifted such a rough n' tough stroller. It came in handy this weekend. We even decided to take her to the pier. Her first time!

She had her first real photo shoot with Michael Tindle Photography:

She watched her first Cardinals game. Too bad they lost to Gramps' favorite team, the Redskins.

Even Mommy got a few things accomplished. Remember that fancy fabric I showed you a few posts ago? Well, Brent was a saint and watched Mazer while I got my sew on. Check it out: Nursing pads!

If you want a tute, I'd be happy to post one. Just let me know.

For now, I have to attend to the tiny, screaming monster at my feet who has decided she cannot possible stand to play with her rock ‘n roll gym for another second.


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