Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Family Dinner

Tonight's dinner: Chicken Pasta!

We had a great time sitting around the table munching down our grub and talking about our days. My mom and sister joined us because it's Wednesday and my dad and brother are gone.

My mom hung out to spend time with her grandbaby while I got some much needed laundry cleaned. We've been shoving and squeezing Mazer into sleepers that are far too small for her for far too long. She's growing up too fast! Today was full of errands, the most important of which included buying her some jammies that actually fit her feet AND her shoulders at the same time. After feeding her and giving her a relaxing bath, my mom and sister left, leaving me and Brent to continue our evening in peace: with Clara screaming, Brent mock-screaming back at her, and me wishing I could just go hide in the back room and watch Modern Family.

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